10 Beautiful Bedside Vignettes into Inspire Sweet Dreams

A bedroom is a space. Hotels understand this and include a superbly wrapped chocolate onto the bedside table for that individual touch. The table can tell a lot about someone. You can find out all sorts of items — for instance, reading tastes, what family members look like (from photos) and late-night snack tastes. In the event that you were to glance at my bedside table you’d discover my iPad (on the homepage, of course), a half-read Steve Jobs biography, Arrowhead water and my tiny glass turtle, called Lucky. I know, not very exciting.

I really like decorating these spaces since they are so personal. Bedside tables are significant because they are the last thing you notice when turning in for the evening and the very first thing that you see when you wake up. These small, intimate spaces need to pack a visual punch, with the addition of color and texture. In the same time they serve functional demands, such as keeping our alarm clocks and eyeglasses. They come in all sizes and shapes, different colors and styles. I’ve been asked many times about accessorizing these spaces. Here are some suggestions for what I call the bedside vignette or, in simple terms, nightstands and the things we place on them.

Brian Dittmar Design, Inc..

This is the region where you can really make a statement. I discover that square lampshades, or round lampshades which are 14 inches or less in diameter, work best against a wall socket.

J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC

Drawers are always great for keeping things you’ll need but do not want to get up for. I love this alternate lighting detail instead of a table lamp. A dangling chandelier on both sides of the bed provides beautiful symmetry and frees the nightstand for other personal accessories.

Amy Lau Design

A pendant works just as well as a chandelier visually. The mild wattage is reduced, though, so I suggest using a pendant lighting in combination with can lighting. Stacked books look great with their colorful binding facing the space and are also great for bettering alarm clocks.

This gorgeous vignette is perfectly balanced with a lamp, family photos, fresh flowers and a candle. The blossoms and the candle supply excellent aromatherapy for inducing sleep. Safety first: Be sure to blow the candle out before you become overly tired.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

A classic serpentine chest of drawers retains a crystal clear lamp, a little sculpture and fresh flowers. Also included here is a little piece of artwork in dreamy bedroom colors. Art does not need to be hung on a wall. Leaning little artworks against the wall provides a layered look .


A measure table is a great option with a bed since it allows layers of surface space. A lamp, novels, artwork, water and fresh flowers all fit with this versatile piece. Notice how the color of this step table adds to the room’s palette.

Design House

A petite tray table with a little drawer has just enough space for a colorful lamp, fresh flowers and a little jewelry box. Boxes of any style are fantastic for holding bracelets and earrings taken off just before bed.

This homemade bedside table consists of vintage suitcases on blocks. It’s a creative and visual triumph for this particular room. Notice that the suitcases are on the low side, allowing for a flexible lamp and a complete view of this window. Each of the bedside basics fit onto a tray which provides a level surface.

Michelle Hinckley

Consider a wall-mounted table for the tiniest of spaces. There’s just enough space for a flexible lamp, artwork and an alarm clock.

Lauren Liess Interiors

A gorgeous white chest of drawers retains a lamp in the center, a plant into the left and an alarm clock. Notice that the federal-style mirror into the side of this lamp, making a layered bedside vignette.

What is on your bedside table? Share your style together with us in the Remarks section.

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