5 Savvy Fixes to Help Your House Sell

No one wants to spend money on the house they are preparing to market, but it can be crucial if you would like to sell the home quickly and for the price you want. Beyond basic decluttering and cleaning, there are places where some cash might need to be spent. When there are a number of locations which aren’t necessary to spend money on, you might need to spend a little money in order to get your property sold.

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1. Paint

Painting the walls in updated neutrals and on-trend colors will set your house apart and help home buyers remember each room. Open regions all should be painted the exact same color — possibly a mild griege or muted-down color. You will want to skip the dark or intense colors in these regions.

Master and guest bedrooms are best painted in muted nevertheless different colors. Muted versions of greens, blues and yellows are great bets.

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This lovely guest room painted by Warline Painting in Benjamin Moore’s Georgian Green is going to be remembered over an identical one painted Builder Beige.

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2. Make Necessary Repairs

Go ahead and make any repair work which you have left unfinished. Not only will the buyer’s home inspector find those issues anyway, but you’re hindering offers if there are apparent repairs which need to be made.

Unfinished repairs or projects reflect badly on the overall upkeep of the house and send up a red flag to would-be buyers. Nothing will earn a buyer pull out of a bargain and run for the hills faster than a house inspection report complies with needed repairs and safety issues.


3. Replace Old Carpet

If you have old or stained carpeting, you need to consider replacing it before putting it on the market. Often a specialist cleaning is sufficient to make it ready to show, but sometimes that simply won’t do the trick. Stained or outdated carpet is a huge turnoff to potential buyers, especially in case you have pets. Even pet lovers are not interested in buying a house with carpet stained by other peoples’ pets.

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And before you mention it, “carpet allowances” really do not work well anymore. Mortgage companies are increasingly reluctant to permit a contract with repair and upgrade adjustments. Besides that, most people do not have the luxury to stay a few added weeks in their previous home after the closing date while new carpeting has been installed. Fresh new carpet is much more crucial when selling an empty house, because that is all buyers will see in an empty room.

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Same thing goes for vinyl flooring — you’re going to have a hard time selling whether it’s old, stained or torn. Replace it with a clean, neutral vinyl or vinyl composite tile (VCT).

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4. Install Solid-Surface Countertops

You’ve likely heard that kitchens and baths sell homes. If you’re considering getting your home sold fast, replacing laminate countertops in the kitchen can help make this happen. We can argue the specifics, but solid-surface, natural stone or quartz countertops can help sell your home.

When a property is above the $350,000 range, I highly recommend the upgrade. When it’s under that, there is absolutely nothing which will sell a house faster and for more money. Buyers around the lower end will swoon over them and will always select a house with solid-surface countertops over other houses in their price range that do not have them.

More about picking kitchen counters

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5. Locate a Stager

Investing a couple of hundred dollars with a very good home stager will be able to help you make tens of thousands when selling your house. Not all stagers are created equal. Do your homework and find a stager with a good track record and a fantastic portfolio so that you may see the work before investing in an appointment.

Spread the cost — and enjoy some fixes yourself. If you are thinking about moving within the next few years, do not wait until the final moment to improve your house to make it more marketable. Do a little at a time so you can distribute the cost. Why not enjoy the improvements before your home goes on the market?

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