8 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Laundry Room

We spend hundreds of hours in our laundry rooms, scrubbing stains out, pressing our best and even washing the dog. Why shouldn’t we make this space pleasant as possible and functional?

Laundry rooms also have come a long way in the bare basement rooms so a lot people grew up with. Take some advice from these additions that will help you lighten your load.

Home Innovations

Refrigerator. Many houses have another refrigerator in the garage, but these homeowners put you in the laundry area. Building it helped conserve space.

Tip: If you’re not prepared to go that far, a mini refrigerator (no built-in mandatory) could still help you save additional drinks.

Drury Design

Sewing station. Anybody who enjoys sewing knows what a pain it is to set up and take your secondhand machine every time you would like to make a repair or tackle a project. A special sewing station on your laundry area will be able to allow you to get your work done using an ironing board along with other essentials nearby.

Tip: Reduced the counter top height to 30 inches and then knock out a cupboard for a few knee space. Make sure there’s an electrical outlet nearby, and don’t forget task lighting that will help you thread your needle.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Dog washing tub. Every friend and neighbor using a pooch is going to be green with envy when you show them your private dog washing station. This is a superb addition for laundry rooms that have an entrance to a garage door or the outdoors. Before he comes into the home, Wash Fido’s dirty paws and soiled fur.

Tip: Tiling the washing station along with your laundry-room flooring will make cleanup a breeze.

Gryboski Builders Inc..

Cooker washer and drier. Bending down to take heavy loads of clothes from a washer and drier isn’t good for anyone’s back. A platform like this takes the (literal) pain from washing and drying and has a seamless look.

Tip: Aim to lift your washer and drier at least 15 inches for the very best fit.

Raedean/So Nice To Come Home To

Drip-drying place. A drip-dry station in this spacious laundry area enables wet garments to dry without making a mess. Instead of cabinetry, this pit has been tiled around for supreme water security.

Tip: A bar from the top offers a place to hang clothes, and the ground drain ensures there’s no standing water.

Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

Flooring drain. Even if you don’t have a technical drip-dry place, a floor drain can be a great idea on your laundry area. Not only does it make everyday cleaning easy, it can also prevent serious damage in case your washing machine leaks or overflows.

TransFORM | The Art of Custom Storage

Pull-out Ironing Board

Ironing board. For those short on space, a drawer ironing board can provide you the advantages of a built-in board without taking up wall or cupboard space. You will not ever need to wrestle with a board that is squeaky freestanding . All these are simple to retrofit into budget remodels, too.

The Kitchen Source

Hampers. Constructed laundry counter like those will help you keep your laundry room additional tidy with minimal effort. If the garments are piling up, just make sure the drawers are all closed! This homeowner has a hamper for whites, colours and darks .

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