9 Technicolor Interior Doors

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Has anyone posted an idea book which talks about vibrant interior doors? Occasionally they show up in a concept book and I had been wondering how they can be used in a house? Can you only do one, or must you just use one colour? Thank you!

Well coco323, thanks for the idea! You will surely mix up the colors of your interior doors. Unless it’s something which bugs your own eyes, an eclectic mixture of doorway colors can set a unique stamp on your home and provide some interesting clues as to what’s on the opposite side. Here I’ve gathered not just some colorful interior doors, but other people with interesting design features. Here’s a look.

An oversized sliding door provides a big swath of blue to this dining area.


Can you do just one door? Yes. A good way to get your feet wet is to paint the inside of a mudroom entry door. You’ll adore it so much, you will likely wind up painting the remainder of the interior doors soon after.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

When you have a look at the remaining images of this home, you will observe that the owners have utilized this glowing blue on all of the door sides which face this room.

Burr & McCallum Architects

Barn doors are a great opportunity to put in an original accent colour. These big architectural elements are moving panels of colour.

Sroka Design, Inc..

Consider not just going vibrant, but going shiny. A red doorway welcomes this room with high gloss, updating its French country look.

Arkin Tilt Architects

A tile set this wowzah requires a bold chartreuse doorway. The side that faces the hallway can be painted chartreuse, hinting in the colour explosion hiding behind it.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

Must you use just one colour? Absolutely not. Let us look at doors which dip into many cans of paint.

Homeowners in Nova Scotia traditionally paint their insides cheery colors because it gets dar first in the winter. Doors are a great opportunity to combine in even more colour: These yellow and turquoise doors contrast with the robin’s egg blue walls and maintain the people’ spirits on cold, dark nights.


DIY master Brian Patrick Flynn provided us with a tutorial on the best way to bring outside door architecture inside, punching up this previously ho-hum interior door using paint, faux trim, a new knob and a knocker.

You can even include chalkboard paint for modifications on a whim. Offered in a selection of colors, this paint allows you to switch messages, scribbles and the chalk colour. As seen here, it’s possible to even outline a chalkboard in a bright colour.

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