Accessories 101: A Splash of Milk Glass

Milk glass, broadly produced in the USA and England from 1835 throughout the 1980s, has been an economical substitute for the luxurious tableware many could not afford during the depression of the 30s and 40s. Now, the opaque glass substance, broken or broken into different shapes such as vases and serve ware, seem especially great in collections. It is a classic look certain to give any space awareness of timelessness.

Depending on the item, you can procure milk glass pieces for a fairly reasonable price if you search for the merchandise at thrift stores. Most come in white, even though colours such as green and pink too are available. If you’re somewhat frightened of accessorizing your house, start with these pieces as they proceed with many styles of décor, from shabby chic to contemporary spaces.

For People design

An utterly feminine and Hollywood-Regency looking tablescape looks amazing from the gold lamps and division wall sculpture.

RLH Studio

A group of unique milk glass jars comparison against the black dining table and grey upholstered dining chairs. Gathering a collection in this way adds impact to a look that is ideal for casual.

Scheer & Co..

This milk glass vase is full of an arrangement of wild flowers, along with the white dish next to it provides the ideal place to put keys. The continuity of the milk glass objects goes nicely with the bold white and blue stripes for an eclectic-yet-orderly appearance.

These milk glass containers work nicely as a vessel for growing paperwhite bulbs indoors. Although this tablescape is clearly meant for the holidays, the concept of employing the milky glass container to grow bulbs functions all year round.

Talk about simple. This narrow white milk glass cylindrical lamp sits atop a white lattice table just large enough for the lamp for a minimum and clean appearance beside the sandy colored headboard and the dark stained floors.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Here is an illustration of milk glass that is colored. This turquoise tint is more rare and you can see why: the made-to-look-vintage chandelier really adds pop into the space, making the otherwise conventional environ much more diverse and distinctive.

Dreamy Whites

That is what most men and women think of when they hear milk glass: shabby chic. You can see the reason why it works if you are going for that look. The creamy pink lamp has a breezy quality ideal for the distressed furniture and ruffled bed.

Milk glass creates the ideal vessels for vibrant arrangements. White milk glass classically goes nicely with pink and include brightness to the brown-and-cream kitchen.


An argument could be made that any group looks great as long as there are enough pieces in the group to create an impact, and this picture supports that idea. The group of vases, candlestick holders, and bowls which line the best shelf goes nicely with layers of books arranged by colour. More is more!

Lauren Liess Interiors

Some of the collection here is creamware, and some is milk glass, creating an abundant assortment of white. The fact that the walls are white makes the aesthetic really clean, especially in contrast with the chalkboard refrigerator and dark counter tops.

Life in the Fun Lane

Milk glass also goes nicely with transparent glass. Mixing the materials in this tablescape shows a restraint which feels just like an update on conventional décor.

Scheer & Co..

The white milk glass objects all in a line from the yellow and white striped wall makes an impact in this trendy corner workplace.

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