Celebrate the Crush With Wine Barrel Furniture

Crush Season is later than usual here in Northern California, and it is going to probably extend through November. This is the annual occasion when grapes are harvested, crushed and kept at wineries. With regard to Crush, let’s look at some innovative home furnishing items made from reclaimed pine wine barrels. Artists have made useful items for your home from the staves, barrel heads, and the metal hoops that keep the barrels collectively. Not only are a number of these products clever and lovely, they are upcycled: rather than being wasted, but the substances are used to make something of equivalent or higher value. Here are 8 of my favorites.

Restoration Hardware

Wine Barrel 6-Arm Chandelier – $2,595

1. Chandelier. This chandelier from Restoration Hardware is produced from the staves, the narrow strips of wood that form the sides of the wine barrel, as well as hoops. With the two flared and curved lines, it’s a sculptural quality as well as an Old-World vibe.


Recycled Wine Barrel Basket – $159

2. Basket. I love the ease of the handled basket. The slight curves keep it from being crate-like and create an extremely decorative and functional container.


VivaTerra Wine Barrel Chiller – $398

3. Cooler. An oak barrel is used to give a woody flavor to wine. After it is no more useful for that purpose, it makes a great drink cooler. This half barrel is handily raised on a rack and includes a spigot for draining water.

ds design studio


4. Arm chair. The timber used for wine barrels must be flawless and without knotholes so that the container is airtight. This handsome arm chair created with richly patinaed staves is a one-of-a-kind furniture piece with plenty of personality.

ds design studio

Used Wine Oak Barrel Lazy Susan – $135.99

5. Lazy susan. The barrel head is the perfect size for a serving platter or Lazy Susan. The metal hoop and wine stamp remind you of its source.

The Picket Fence

Occasional Table from Walsworth Furnishings – $720

6. Side table. The clean lines of the side table make it suitable for many interior designs. The dark color is the end result of wine entering the wood of the barrel. Three sets of strips cut out of the metal hoops overlap to create artistic bracing for this unique piece.


Cooperage Flooring

7. Hardwood flooring. Wine barrel heads create amazing hardwood flooring. This particular floor features the exterior part of the barrel revealing a rich patina and genuine stamps and markings.

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ds design studio

True Fabrications Wine Barrel Dog Bed

8. Dog Bed. With a simple cut out along with a custom pillow, this wine-barrel dog bed is a fashionable and comfy spot for your furry friend.

Scheer & Co..

And also a wine barrel turned into an artful doghouse out of Austin’s annual Barkitecture fundraiser.

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