Easy Living: 10 Cheap and Chic Decorating Ideas

Reconsidering, repurposing, and recomposing things can breathe new life in your house. Decorating your dwelling does not need to be a laborious undertaking of placing together complex color palettes, furniture bits or a kaleidoscope of pricey accessories; easy could be beautiful.

For a cheap and effortless fashion with character, it’s ideal to provide new purpose to ordinary things, but make sure that you pay attention to makeup. Take inspiration from art — painters set shapes and colors in ways that make sense to them and where items match each other. Look at your house as a blank canvas where you will orchestrate colors and materials in the identical artistic manner.

Don’t be reluctant to live only; occasionally less is oh-so-much more.

Dreamy Whites

1. Dare to provide objects a role that is different. In this formerly blank canvas, an old pitcher is used as a vase along with a vintage bistro chair serves as a dining table. Green, yellow and white collide beautifully and conceive an airy space with relaxed simplicity.

Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc

2. Add punch to a plain space quickly with prints. This colorful background, imitating patchwork art, brings life to the cabinet door. The prints give the space an eclectic feel.


3. Aim for simple, practical and creative when decorating just. Here, background frames the wood cupboard, which functions as a stage for the screen of creative and colorful cards.

Lola Nova

4. Unearth style from things that are restored and used. In this room, a tablecloth was become a breezy curtain along with an old desk was given new life with a fresh coat of paint. Well-worn items, in this way office seat, can end up appearing more posh compared to their new and expensive counterparts.

Amy Lau Design

5. Compose with bright colors. Use simple methods of gleaming hues as the protagonists to get a chic fashion. Notice how this upholstered seat shines because the trio of vases accentuate its yellow shade?

Rough Linen

6. Create a exceptional fashion by reusing. You can decorate by hanging smart items on the wall, piling novels to add elevation to a flower arrangement and using a patinaed bucket as a garbage can. The results are just beautiful!

Elad Gonen

7. Bring outdoor elements inside. Four easy flower pots initiate arrangement here and infuse the region with a natural texture while adding some color.


Vintage Industrial Mop Bucket – $21

8. Let a bucket perform the job. Buckets can be used in many different ways. This one works as a flower pot.

Jeanette Lunde

9. Add character with odd items. A heart-shaped hanging, an oval mirror and a cute teddy bear contribute to the easy, stylish room. The gray vintage sofa, emphasized by the light green wall behind it, serves as a stage for the other components.

The Locker

10. Make your own art. Wall decorations don’t need to be pricey. Here, embroidery hoops full of fabric create beautiful wall hangings. Beneath, a heap of old suitcases adds vintage charm and serves as a cute table.

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