Guest Groups: Bookshelves for Kids' Bathrooms

Publications and Legos are the 2 things that seem to multiply in my kid’s room while I’m not looking. To maintain your kid’s publications from taking over the home, I’ve rounded up a couple of practical (and some not-so-practical, but enjoyable ) options to keep them organized. The Lego storage is a whole other story. — Maddie from Colour Me There

The Land of Nod

Jenny Lind Bookcase – $299

I really like Jenny Lind goods, and also the bookshelf is no exception. It is the ideal piece for a nursery or kid’s room.

Nursery Works

Tree Bookcase – $850

This tree bookshelf would look fantastic at a forest-themed kid’s room. You may even punctuate the shelves with a bird softie or 2 to increase the result.

Clever Tomato

P’kolino Chalkboard Bookshelf – $119

This product is part bookshelf and component toy storage. You may use the handy chalkboard labels to organize books by subject or popularity.


Alpha Bookshelf Bedrail By Tambino – $139.99

This bedrail shelf is an excellent way to provide safety and store books! Attach it to most beds (it’s available in several sizes) and meet your kid’s favorite books — genius.


Happy Tree Bookshelf With Four Wood Animal Bookends By Graphic Spaces – $2,100

This tree bookshelf are an enjoyable addition to a space. If the shelf is out of your budget, you could settle for one of those cute bookends instead.

Pottery Barn Kids

Collector’s Shelves – $39

This vintage-inspired wall storage could suit both a girl or boy’s room. Painting the wall a contrasting shade is likely to create the shelves stand out.


Six-Foot Handcrafted Wood Row Boat Bookshelf By Poppa’s Boats – $249

For a nautical-themed kid’s room, these boat bookshelves would be just the ticket. You may even”name” the boat with some paint to make it even more personal.


P’kolino Giraffe Book Case – $149.99

The vivid colours along with natural wood create this giraffe shelf a gorgeous piece to use in a nursery or kid’s room.

The Land of Nod

White Straight And Narrow Wall Rack – $99

Easy and functional, these hanging shelves suit rooms painted in muted or bold colours.


6-Foot Curved Bookshelf By Wood Curve – $725

For lovers of Dr. Seuss, this bookshelf would add some whimsy into the room!


Kids Bookshelf By Steve Marrari – $97

These simple rail wall-mounted bookshelves are very popular right now and for good reason: They get books off the ground using wall area instead of floor area. They are handy for smaller rooms.

Produced in Layout

Junior Bookcase – GBP 1,165

A polar bear bookshelf! This one falls into the not-so-practical-but-super-fun category.


Modern Children Bookshelf By Tot Republic – $660

This striking, contemporary bookshelf layout would definitely make an impression. There are a lot of color combinations to select from too.


Modular Furniture System Bookshelf By Modular OSB Furniture – $99

Made with eco friendly materials, these bookshelves come in a colorful palette and may be piled and positioned to suit your needs.


Modern Arched Bookshelves by Perfekte Velle – $680

Curvy and fun, this arched bookend are a exceptional way to store books and toys at a kid’s room.


Sling Bookshelf – $69.99

This is only one of the most well-known kids’ bookshelves on the market. Purchase it at a bright colour or a neutral color, and use it to maintain books off the floor and easy to access.


Two-Level Carousel Book Stand in Maple Finish – $295

Reminiscent of this rotating book storage employed in libraries, this book stand is a handy way to store a good deal of books in a little space.

Punkin Patch Interiors

Personalized Bookshelves – GBP 220

You’ll have fun with words and also spell out”read” or”book” to bring the literature motif into your kid’s room, or spell out his or her name. It is both practical and fun.


Modern Curved Bookshelf by Perfekte Velle – $410

This whimsical alternative for a kid’s room adds a twist to the traditional straight shelf.

Toys R Us

Guidecraft Playhouse Hideaway Bookshelves – $419.99

It is bookshelf and a playhouse in one! This could make a wonderful reading corner for just a tiny one.

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