Guest Groups: Large Artwork For The Space

One thing I truly like about moving into a new location is adding artwork to all those big blank walls. Art makes a home feel more welcoming and is something that each guest can appreciate and relate to. A large painting is a fast way to fill up a room and bring proportion to an area.

When deciding how to dress your walls, large artwork not only adds private flair but brings colour, energy and style to a room and frequently sets the tone for the entire room. Let these contemporary and modern works of art be an inspiration for your home. — Monica from Hirondelle Rustique


“Mont Cloud Kisses” Painting by Aisyah Ang – $450

The quantity of energy in this painting reminds me of how electrified the atmosphere is just prior to a storm. I really like the moody colors and contrast found not only in the painting but with the pine sides as well.

Dimensions: 36″H x 36″W x 1.5″D


“Sacred” Black & White Abstract Painting by Will Wieber – $899

A visually magnificent painting with a lot of energy. I really like how simple and yet profound this bit is and think that it would not only look fantastic in a modern space but would choose the plan of a conventional space to the next level.

Dimensions: 45″W x 20″H


“L’Opera Paris” Framed Prints by Tony Koukos – $1,350

Not only is the artwork brilliant but the frames are works of art themselves. I really like the contrast of the dark lacquered frames and sketch-like feel of these prints.

Dimensions: 31.5″W x 49.5″H each

West Elm

Lourdes Sánchez Wall Art, Circles – $149

I enjoy paintings. Sometimes you don’t need much to transform a room and give it a personal touch.

Dimensions: 20″L x 40″W

Contemporary Artwork – $185

For something a bit more graphic and colorful, this painting packs quite a punch and is a fantastic price for the dimensions. It is perfect for white walls or as something to greet your guests in your entryway.

Dimensions: 36″W x 2.5″D x 36″H

Contemporary Artwork – $499.95

Inspired by a yoga practice, this painting gives a calming sense of emotion with silent, inherent energy. I’d use this to bring a feminine, graceful touch to a room.

Dimensions: 54″H x 54″W


Ethereal Green and Blue Handpainting – $449

A calming painting of an open field to allow your eyes and head rest on. A cool colour palette provides subtle coloring for a room and a gorgeous background to set the tone to your space.

Dimensions: 60″W x 1.5″D x 48″H


Customizable Destination Bus Roll by Hirondelle Rustique – $280

These bus rolls have fascinating graphical typography along with a curious appearance about them which makes them great conversation starters for guests.

Dimensions: 65″W x 2″D x 45″H


“Construction” Painting by Robinson – $1,375

A very simple and yet powerful painting, this bit uses angled lines in a way that catches your eye and draws you in. With its neutral colors, this bit can do the job well just about everywhere, which makes it very versatile.

Dimensions: 34″W x 48″H

“Less or More I” by Leslie Saris – $107.99

This print reminds me of something found in a rustic farmhouse, with its appearance of chippy worn paint and obsolete coloring. It would seem lovely placed over a crisp white sofa or console table.

Dimensions: 34″W x 48″H


Sea Life Prints, Set of 6 – $395

These types of prints always remind me of”wunderkammer,” or curiosity cabinets, rooms filled with items whose categorical values have yet to be described. People are attracted to the unknown, and prints like these not fill up a massive wall of distance but attract the viewer’s eye (and their queries )!

Dimensions: 14″H x 11″W each


“Blue Jinlu” Painting – $1,895

This painting isn’t only beautiful but provides a fantastic way to add colour and interest to your walls. The plan and paint strokes remind me of a fast-flowing river, which makes this bit stimulating and appropriate for enjoyable conversation.

Dimensions: 72″W x 2″D x 49″H

“Shoreline” Unframed Canvas Art by Caroline Gold – $199.95

A gorgeous painting of a shore. This would work well in coastal-themed rooms or in a space where you are attempting to invoke a relaxing, calming experience.

Dimensions: 24″H x 36″W x .75″D


“Watermark” Abstract Art – $895

The feel of this painting is excellent, along with the cloud-like brush strokes make me feel as though I am being dragged into a dreamlike world.

Dimensions: 57.75″H x 57.75″W x 2.25″D


“Lucky Mountain” Original Painting by Aisyah Ang – $450

This stylish painting unites three of my current preferred colors: black, gray and gold. I adore the masculine appearance and the way that it is apparently completely fearless and bold. I’d use it in an entryway or even a walk-in cupboard for an added punch of play.

Dimensions: 36″H x 36″W

Kim Coulter “Viridian Sky II” Oversized Canvas by Kim Coulter – $126.99

Not only is this bit tranquil and calm, but the price is excellent for your statement it makes. This painting will look fantastic displayed on its own or used as a subtle background over a console table or dining room buffet.

Dimensions: 40″W x 40″H

Amanda Stone Talley

“Gold & Black ~ White Lines on Birch” by Amanda Stone Talley – $500

Amanda Stone Talley is one of my favourite modern artists. I like her use of purposeful lines and how her paintings each has contrast. If I could, I’d hang among her paintings in each area!

Dimensions: 16″H x 16″W

Contemporary Paintings – $149.95

The motion of this piece actually inspires me and the painting design reminds me of this ever-popular ikat cloth style. I’d really like to see this painting employed in a colorful space, like a breakfast nook or children’s room.

Dimensions: 35″W x 35″H

“Momento Vitae” by Alexander Beeching – $1,000

An imaginary, playful constellation attracted by Alexander Beeching. Sometimes the simplest things could be so fascinating. I’d hang this print in an office or library.

Dimensions: 24″H x 30″W

Ballard Designs

“First Light I” Giclee Printing – $449

While I adore bold, striking art, it’s also a wonderful change of pace to look at a bit that makes you feel rested. The cool, muted colors in this print would be ideal to a conventional living room or dining area.

Dimensions: 48 3/4″H x 48 3/4″W

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