Guest Picks: Furniture Feet for More and Cabinets

I have been focusing on several kitchen and bathroom projects lately, and a single detail I have noticed making the rounds would be the idea of pushing back or removing the toe kick the front of cabinetry and incorporating some sort of foot. I love the appearance, and within the last few weeks I have collected several different designs and sizes of bits that will work for this kind of application. — Stephanie from SabbeSpot

Cabinet Parts

Pedestal Corner Bun Foot, Hardwood – $14.06

I am using this in a current bathroom renovation. The base will be totally eliminated, and these will be added to each of four corners.


DuBois LBF45 Turned Bun Foot All Moulding Product – $26

This would be entertaining painted a shiny and bright color to get a drama on new versus old.


DuBois BF4-MP Turned Bun Foot – $19

I could imagine jazzing up a piece of Ikea furniture with this one. It’s much prettier than the square block.


DuBois BF33 Shaker Style Table Feet – $18

This is for all those bits that just don’t look right on dainty-looking legs. The detail along the top gives it a wonderful interest.


Grand River Gothic Bun Foot, Hardwood – $8.99

I love the dainty detail on this one.

Cabinet Parts

Pedestal Left Bun Foot – $8.65

This would be ideal for a kitchen cabinet makeover in which you don’t want to actually move any present parts.


Solid Cherry Winston Bun Feet by Thirteen Colonies – $70

This leg will be nice to provide some height to an present piece. I think that it would be interesting to paint the bottom portion a different color, providing it the dipped look.

Reversible Turned Bunn Foot 4-3/4×4 Species, Alder, Rubber Wood – $13.55

Here’s a fairly classic leg which has a wonderful detail in the base.



Solid Cherry Big Lexington Bun Feet by Thirteen Colonies – $64

This is only proportionally beautiful.

The Home Depot

4-Inch Early American Table Leg – $1.38

This would be another enjoyable painting project. Imagine the rings in various shades and the base piece in a metallic gold.


Waddell Hardwood Tulip Bun Foot – $6.98

I like this one since it is big, but it also has very feminine lines.


4-Inch Mixed Maple Classic Bun Feet Wood Table Leg – $5.98

Here’s a classic. It would work nicely on a smaller piece of furniture.

Osborne Wood Products, Inc..

Ball & Claw Corner – $23.05

Ball and claw is timeless — but also type of kitschy. I would love to see a cheap Ikea couch on a ball and claw foot. It would be an juxtaposition.

Osborne Wood Products, Inc..

Squat Round Bun Foot – $5.09

This one is heavy in the base, compared to the majority of the different styles I have accumulated.

Osborne Wood Products, Inc..

Inch Bird Claw Round Bun Foot – $19.37

Here’s another ball and claw, and using a scroll detail on top. I am calling it: I think this will be a new fad, but in fun, amazing colours.

Osborne Wood Products, Inc..

Corner Colonial Ogee Foot – $24.40

I really love this corner style.

Custom Service Hardware, Inc

Legacy Bun Foot Left Twist Hardwood – $27.99

I love this style in a deep, rich blot.

Osborne Wood Products, Inc..

Bridle Round Bun Foot – $6.95

Here is just one more where the vast majority of the visual weight is in the base. Occasionally larger pieces really need this type of style, or they look like the are just one use away from breaking the legs.


Grand River Reeded Tulip Bun Foot – $11.99

This is very timeless and classic.

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