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Sleep and sex? Yes, please! A new survey between 2,000 Brits reveals a strong correlation between the color of your bedroom walls and decor with just how much sleep and sex you are having. The takeaway: People with blue rooms seem to be receiving the best night’s sleep, while people with caramel-colored partitions are having the most sex. Allow the mad dash to invent paint!

Here’s the way the poll breaks down it.

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Obviously, you do not see much colour with your eyes closed and off the lights, but the colour of your walls and decor affects how you sleep until you close your eyes, the poll found.

Generally, the survey respondents sleeping at a grim bedroom get seven hours and 52 minutes of sleep, the most in the poll, that was conducted by Travelodge, a budget-friendly hotel chain in the U.K. Builders, educators and civil servants have a tendency to choose blue most frequently due to their bedrooms, according to the poll.

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The analysis surmises that since blue has long been associated with feelings of calmness water, blue skies etc. — the colour helps us chill out prior to sleep.

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In fact, blue also is said to decrease blood pressure and heart rate, for more sound sleep.

“This is an amazing result, since there are specialized receptors called ganglion cells in the retina component of the eyes, which can be most sensitive to the colour blue,” says Chris Idzikowski, a sleep expert at the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, at a press release about the study. “These receptors feed information into a place deep in our brain that modulates 24-hour rhythms, also affects how we perform and feel throughout the day. That interaction between light, sleep and wakefulness is important.”

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An amazing 58 percent of Brits in the poll who sleep in blue chambers say they often wake up feeling happy. Cheerio!

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Certain shades of yellow come in second at promoting the best night’s sleep seven hours and 40 minutes on average daily.

Warm yellow relaxes the body by stimulating the nervous system and calming the nerves.

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Green also creates a calm and soothing vibe, which explains why it seems to be the third best colour for getting sleep. People with green chambers get an average of seven hours and 30 minutes of sleep per night, and 22% of those surveyed say they wake up “feeling positive and optimistic.”

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The poll suggests a soothing silver bedroom imitates moonlight, which cues the brain to know that it’s night and time.

People with silver bedrooms get an average of seven hours and 33 minutes of sleep, whereas 21 percent surveyed say they’re more motivated to exercise in their own bedroom.

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Orange, astonishingly, is near, with people getting an average of seven hours and 28 minutes of sleep. The hot colour also generates a “stable and reassuring atmosphere and can even assist digestion too — particularly in the event that you have consumed a large or late-evening meal,” based on this poll.

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The colour has also been proven to relax muscles, which means you fall asleep faster.

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Bankers and estate agents have a tendency to choose gold decor, the analysis found.

Though similar to silver, grey, an incredibly common house paint colour, didn’t perform well in the analysis; folks in grey rooms get an average of only six hours and 12 minutes of sleep per night.

It’s thought that brown and grey could be “dreary and depressing, particularly in the bedroom, and make people feel emotionally isolated and uncomfortable — leading to a restless sleep,” the analysis says.

What’s more, the poll discovered that Brits with grey rooms spend the most time shopping on the internet in bed.

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People that have a brown, white or cream bedroom are probably workaholics who take their job to bed together at least twice per week. Shop workers are most likely to possess these colours in their bedrooms.

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Purple bedrooms performed the worst for sleep. Normally, people in purple bedrooms get five hours and 56 minutes per night.

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While tasteful and artistic, the colour is regarded as overly emotionally stimulating. Coupled with a hectic day, purple walls can make it tough to turn off a racing mind and change into sleep mode. (I am imagining the colour has a different impact on chipper dinosaurs called Barney.)

Most interesting, to me anyhow, is the analysis found that couples in bedrooms with a caramel decor scheme have sexual activity, on average, three times per week.

Sadly, the analysis doesn’t offer any possible reasons. Is the colour tricking people into thinking about Milky Way candy bars and chocolate, making them more excited? Or is that only the case in my house?

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Not much magic apparently occurs in red bedrooms, in which couples make love once a week on average. Maybe Roxanne should have put to a caramel-colored lighting?

Your turn: What’s your bedroom colour?

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