How to Figure the Rise & Tread of Stairs

For a conventional run of stairs at a home, the stair riser height is 7 3/4 inches, and the minimum tread depth is 10 inches. The risers is the part of a measure, and a tread is the part that you walk on. To compute how many risers are necessary, measure the floor-to-floor height in inches, then divide the height. The result will be a portion, therefore always round up. There are one fewer treads than risers in a stairs. The general distance of the stairs will be the amount of treads added.

Verify Your Numbers

Double-check your calculation by dividing the amount of risers you decided were needed into the floor-to-floor height (in inches). The result will be 7 3/4 inches or less. If it is more than 7 3/4 inches, re-examine your own work. Count that, if you’ve got a midlanding. According so people will not trip to this 2012 International Residential Code, variant in each one of the riser heights is not to exceed 3/8 inch, however, retain them as equal as possible when constructing them.

Winder Stairs

Calculating the amount of treads and risers for winder stairs is completed the exact same way. Staircase, which form a curve with pie-shaped treads, have precisely the identical riser height requirements as stairs. The tread depth varies because of the shape; the smallest size closest to the curve that is inside must be no less than 6 inches. Midway between outside and the inside of the stairs should be a minimum of 10 inches.

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