How to Install Stair Articles

There are two types of posts to install onto a staircase. The posts at bottom and the top of the staircase are known as posts. The smaller posts between the posts that are set up to encourage the stair rail are known as balusters. Both kinds of posts are crucial for supporting the weight of the handrail and maintaining safety. The ability to turn a screw until it’s being capable and tight is required by installation of these posts.

Screw the brackets to the border of the post. Do not completely tighten the screws.

Set in place. That it’s flush against the stair, line up the pole.

Insert screws through the bracket and into the floor. Do not completely tighten them.

Check the post at a 90-degree angle, or to make sure it’s square. Insert shims under the article needed to acquire an exact right angle. When the angle is reached, tighten the screws in the bracket on the floor side and the pole side.

Install the trim kit included to cover the mounting brackets. Kits are glued into position, then nailed with brad nails. Do not hit on the metal bracket with the nails.

Insert the baluster screws into the baluster. Drill a hole at the stair tread to accommodate the screw insert. If using more than 1 baluster each tread, distance the holes evenly, using a ruler. Use an impact wrench to set the screw insert indefinitely.

Put the baluster in place until it will turn and tighten the screw. Continue installing the balusters this way. All your posts are set and you are ready to set up your stair rail.

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