Share Your 'Happy Accidents'

My latest ideabook about off-center art sparked some interesting comments about “accidental decorating,” as one er dubbed it. Essentially, it is what happens when a room comes together totally by chance, or as soon as an unexpected change of layout programs turns out to have a much better end than the first.

Odds are, it has occurred in your own home a time or two — and we’d really like to see the outcome.

Rethink Design Studio

A crystal chandelier hangs amid pots and pans from the kitchen of Joel and Erika Snayd’s historic Savannah, Georgia, home — and its pride of place is totally serendipitous. When the couple bought the chandelier out of an Atlanta market, it was buried under years of dirt. Joel hung it in the potrack over the kitchen sink to keep it secure until he could clean it. Finally, the Snayds were charmed by its offbeat placement and left there, wiring to include light and glow.

Mustard Seed Interiors

Blogger Marian, better known as Miss Mustard Seed, pulled together this charming guestroom on a nonexistent budget, with finds from around her residence. Her thrilled. “I understood that I had perfectly captured my personality in one room,” she explained in a characteristic about her home. “It’s French state meets American farmhouse with a little junk thrown”

Jessica Bennett Interiors

In accordance with designer Jessica Pakzad Bennett, the striped wall remedy in this room — part of a Newport Beach, California, job — sprang out of a chance discovery throughout the planning phases. Although she and her client had been debating light and dark blue stripes versus light and dark green ones, she grouped the four colour swatches together and dropped for the effect. Fortunately, her customer did too.

Upload pictures of your own happy injuries to the Comments section below and tell us how the decoration came. You could see your space.

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