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One of the initial spaces new homeowners typically wish to install is the kitchen. And for good reason. The kitchen is generally the go-to spot in the home, where the day starts and ends. Guests may also gravitate toward this high-traffic area since there is generally a lot happening — cooking, drinking and conversation.

And since the kitchen is a multifunctional area, it is important for this action-packed room to function easily. That means everyday things are simple to get and to put away. But kitchen tools that match perfectly in the older home oftentimes wind up homeless in their new surroundings.

Luckily, the kitchen is one area in particular where you can get creative with your own storage behaving as screen. And the examples that we’re about to look in are designed to keep countertop space open and free. That way, you can use this prime property for what it is meant for — prepping meals.

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This kitchen shows numerous things that can be displayed instead of concealed. But what stands out to me are the linens on a shelf in the island. Using wire baskets screams kitchen smart, and that is an additional drawer available for storing items that are not too pretty.

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A very simple chrome rod from the local hardware store can hold towels, and an S hook will solve where to store your potholders. And while we’re on the subject, the number of linens are appropriate? I probably dirty a kitchen towel each week and prefer to own one in reserve for accidents. Because I do laundry once a week, two to three might be the appropriate number of kitchen towels for me. Evaluate your personal needs and keep just what you want.

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Ah, one of the simplest items to display — you can put a serving tray in just about any area in the house. They can corral magazines, act as stand-alone d├ęcor, be a catchall for mail and do a lot more.

Displaying dishes will work best if they’re all uniform in colour or style. This helps them blend in instead of stand out, which opens up a more compact area.

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Mixing bowls are just another large item that can certainly find room in an open plate. The pop of colour works really well here, which makes the room feel bright and cheery. Notice that the apron is hanging on a hook instead of hiding in a drawer. Let’s add this as one more thing we would be able to flaunt.

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The mixing bowls require more of a backseat to the overall look of the kitchen. Again, notice the chrome shelf matches the things displayed. Can you guess what category I’m going to indicate to put on view? You’re right if you guessed knives. An easy magnetic strip is all you want to free up more drawer space in a cramped kitchen.

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And while there is generally a drawer reserved for consumption utensils, I was recently in a home where we needed to make a choice. Were we going to display plastic wrap and tinfoil or forks and knives? This picture perfectly exemplifies another way to store utensils while maintaining things off the counter without using drawers.

I’m a huge coffee drinker and would classify my mug collection as moderate dimensions. And while I do have room for my mismatched mugs to be put in closets, coordinating glasses do nicely being suspended for all to see.

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Whether your kitchen is even a behemoth, spices have a long-established history of becoming a fantastic display item. However, I want to suggest that the way they’re stored is up for reinvention — as with this thought floating, wrap-around shelf. I have not ever noticed this in action, and I love it.

What tool do you find hard to store on your kitchen? What additional kitchen things work as screen? Let us know in the Remarks section.

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