Smart Investments in Kitchen Cabinetry — a Realtor's Advice

The kitchen is the area in the house. The national average price of a kitchen remodel is $50,000, although the true price can vary widely, depending on where you reside, the scope of the undertaking and the materials that you select. New cabinetry can take up much of that expense. Make the most of the big purchase by fixing your cabinets as an investment.

Realtor Victoria Gangi offers insider advice on how to find the very best return on your cupboard investment, even when you’re not moving in the near future.

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Make an optimal design. Long prior to a kitchen starts to take real shape, there needs to be a well-crafted strategy for how the kitchen will be laid out to provide maximum benefits to the homeowners and their guests.

“Design is the most popular feature home buyers are considering in a kitchen,” states Gangi. “You may lose your audience if cabinets are not designed in a functional manner with good circulation.”

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A kitchen or cupboard programmer can help you to get started. Do not make any rushed decisions in the planning process.

One way to help visualize a designer’s design would be to tape out the dimensions of the new cabinet configurations on the floor and walls. Granted, you’re going to want a excellent imagination for this to work, but it will give you an chance to literally walk through the dimensions to determine if things feel nicely spaced.

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Invest in quality cabinetry. As soon as you’ve got a strategy for where everything’s going to go, choose a design and quality which can age well and withstand trends and changing tastes.

Quality cabinets are among the smartest investments in a kitchen remodel, ” says Karl Keul, owner of Cameo Kitchens. “The lower grades of cabinets tend to not age gracefully and often need more maintenance,” he notes.

8 favorite kitchen cupboard door styles

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The quality to select will depend on your long-term plans. “Midrange cabinets are normally a good bet,” Gangi states. “If you would like to sell your home, these cabinets will seem attractive to buyers, and you will probably see a return on your investment.”

She adds, “Even in the event that you plan on staying in your home for the near future, this remains a secure alternative, because they’ll last. Choose top-of-the-line cabinets only in the event that you have the money to create the kitchen of your dreams with no worries of recouping the money.”

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Integrate the door fashion. Select a door style and color that integrate nicely with the rest of your home, particularly rooms which appear directly into the kitchen. In case the remainder of your house is traditional, you’d be better off steering toward a more conventional or transitional door fashion than going entirely contemporary, and vice versa.


“Do not select a style that’s too ornate or too contemporary,” Gangi advises. “Modern is good; folks like clean lines and wash finishes. But some other style that’s too out of the norm isn’t what buyers have a tendency to desire.”

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Generally the ideal kitchen designs are those that work in harmony with the remainder of the home’s architecture instead of attempt to combat it. A compatible house is easier for prospective buyers to understand and, subsequently, to want to outbid each other for.

A savvy designer can help navigate you toward the ideal cupboard choices which can work for your home and budget.

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Choose light colors. Lighter-colored cabinetry will appeal to more buyers. “Dark kitchens are out,” notes Gangi. “People prefer light and bright.”

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To incorporate the appliances or maybe not? Integrated appliances appreciably boost the price of a kitchen, not just because of the added cabinetry arenas, but also because the appliances needed to facilitate this option are somewhat more expensive.

While this feature may appear attractive to a home buyers, particularly in a price range where incorporated appliances are still an expectation as opposed to an exception, your may not observe the return with this expensive detail in a midrange-price house.


According to Gangi, your cupboard investment could be secure even in the event that you don’t incorporate the appliances. “Stainless Steel appliances are still quite popular and well recognized by buyers,” she states.

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Pick cabinet details that matter. What’s inside the cupboard is equally as important as what’s on its exterior. “Buyers are on the lookout for rollout and quiet-close drawers,” notes Gangi. “That is where that choice of midrange versus low-range cupboard quality becomes significant. Spending the extra money it takes to acquire top notch slide rails and quiet-close features will return to you.”

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Elect for clean-lined hardware. “Buyers prefer drawer pulls and handles to be equally as clean lined asthe cabinetry,” states Gangi.

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If you prefer ornate hardware, then do it. However, in the event you sell your home, expect to replace those fancy pulls with a more streamlined set that will appeal to a broad array of buyers. The good thing is your fancy hardware can move with you.

Tell us Which are your favorite cabinetry features that you’re glad you invested in, either for yourself or for a upcoming purchase?

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