Squirrel-Blocking Fences

Squirrels can wreak havoc on gardens, digging up and eating flower bulbs, decimating vegetable beds, and greedily robbing bird feeders. They are also extremely resourceful and acrobatic, and several fences can keep them out of gardens they want to enter. Gardeners who wish to keep their plants protected from squirrels have to be thorough and creative with their fencing solutions.


Squirrels can get over, under or around just about any kind of vertical fence, so that the ideal way to completely exclude them from a garden bed would be to take away the above, under and around pathways by enclosing the bed within a cage made from squirrel-proof fencing. Chicken cable attached to a wood frame to make an open-bottom cage the same size as a raised bed may efficiently keep out squirrels when it’s placed over the bed so that it sits on the bed frame. The cage should also be weighted down or attached to the bed frame so that squirrels can not push it apart or crawl beneath it.

Horizontal Fencing

Squirrels can cause much damage underground since they may above ground, and protecting newly planted bulbs from them can be challenging. Laying a flat layer of fine mesh fencing such as chicken wire over the planting bed following the lights are planted discourages squirrels from digging at the bed and eating the lights. Weighting down the edge of the fencing or securing it in the dirt will prevent the squirrels from squeezing beneath the edge of the fencing.

Electric Fences

A very simple obstacle fence won’t cease squirrels, but a barrier fence together with a electric fence can supply a deterrent that discourages squirrels from crossing the fence. Fences designed to exclude squirrels and other tiny creatures from gardens use a low wire mesh fence, about 18 inches high, in combination with wires which carry an electric charge. When burglars try to climb over or dig under the barrier fence, then they come back into contact with the wires that are charged and receive a mild electric shock, which generally causes them to escape.


Some gardeners employ nylon netting across plants within an attempt to keep squirrels at bay. Although cotton mesh fences can be effective at keeping animals from plants generally, squirrels can normally find their way around netting unless it entirely covers the plant, and persistent squirrels may chew through just about any type of plastic or cotton.

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