Step-by-Step Greenhouse Glass Repair

Unlike opaque plastic movies, greenhouses using horticultural glass as a covering possess the advantage of pure light entering the inside for optimum photosynthesis on sunny days. But this thin glass will not present difficulties in regards to weathering. Scratches and cracks occur from debris striking the surface, especially in high wind regions, and compromise the greenhouse’s constant interior temperature. Fixing the greenhouse glass is essential for your plants’ well-being. You have to assess each glass panel for any wear and decide on the proper course of action.

Scratch Repair

Get the glass pane by means of a ladder, if needed.

Run a utility knife around the glass in need of repair. Permit the broken silicone sealant to drop to the ground in the glass borders. Proceed to run the utility knife around the glass and through the sealant until you remove all the silicone.

Hand detach the clips securing the glass pane to the greenhouse framing. Each greenhouse has a different fastener kind holding the glass firmly. Verify the fastener kind with your greenhouse manufacturer if it is not a clip-on style.

Hold the glass firmly as you gradually pull it in the framing. Ask a friend to help if the pane is very large.

Lay the glass to a workbench covered with a thick towel.

Combine a ratio of one ounce of iron oxide to a ounce of water plus a single ounce of glycerin in a paper cup, using a plastic spoon.

Apply this mixture to the scratched glass using a soft rag. Proceed to rub the glass with the mix to remove the scratches.

Dribble water on the glass from another paper cup to clean away the mix. Verify that the scratch is now mended. Wipe the glass clean and dry with a new rag.

Secure the glass to the framing with the clips. Implement new silicone sealant around the glass by means of a caulking gun. Allow to dry.

Pane Alternative

Place plastic film down on the ground below the damaged glass. Move any neighboring plants from the glass to stop shards from striking the foliage. Wear safety glasses and protective gloves to prevent injury to the eyes and hands during removal.

Access and remove the damaged glass pane, using the same method as for scratch repairs. Use caution with the damaged glass to reduce injury.

Wash any glass still left at the framing with a rag. Remove all glass in the ground, if needed.

Replace the glass with a brand new pane, then with all the clips to secure the glass.

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