The best way to Insulate a Home Without Getting Down Drywall

Higher energy prices are making home-owners more alert to the importance of appropriate insulation. Some specialists say a home-owner can save 10 per cent of his electricity bill by adding insulation and sealing air leaks, but that can change together with the exact age of your home and its own place. Old houses, particularly those constructed before the Second World War, generally aren’t insulated to the requirements of today, but nearly all homes may benefit from some extra insulation. Details will vary together with the kind of house, without ripping out inside drywall, however there are choices for all.

Assess Demands

Check resources such as the Consumer Energy Center of the California Energy Commission or the insulation is preferred. Rvalue, its resistance rates insulation. The majority of United States, to New Jersey and throughout the South and Midwest from California, needs R-13 to R 15 in-wall cavities and R38 to R-60 in lofts.


The most easy place to include insulation without changing gypsum board is underneath the roofing, within an attic. That is also where insulating material that is additional is the most valuable. One alternative would be to add loose-fill insulation including cellulose, rock wool or fiber glass beads. These insulations can be purchased in bags at building-supply retailers. Any free fill can be added by you along with present fill insulation, which frequently was installed in homes; minimum conditions are normally met by 8 to 12″.

Batt or Roll

Another simple choice for the loft is roll or batt insulation, manufactured from wool, cotton or fibreglass. Fibreglass is the most frequent, easily offered by building provide retailers, although all have about an identical R worth. Batts are like these usually set during building between studs in a residence wall. It’s possible for you to set rolls or batts or or higher them, as well as put them on best of any present fill insulation.

Aerosol Foam

Aerosol foam is a a progressively well-liked and a more recent kind of insulating material without removing gypsum board, that one may add. This can be a poly substance sprayed as a fluid which expands with all the atmosphere on con-Tact. It h AS a soft, downy appearance, but includes a top R value. Its primary advantage is the fact that it enlarges to fill all crevices, so there aren’t any openings where hot-air can escape or cold-air can penetrate. In lofts, it’s generally sprayed to fill these cavities, with stuff that was extra trimmed off using a knife or tool.


You may also add present walls and insulation without removing gypsum board, by slicing holes. Aerosol or cellulose foam possibly loose fills with comparable methods, into walls in the exterior. Cut a hole 1 1/2 to 2″ in diameter between each pair of studs, towards the top of the cellulose or foam into the cavity with a hosepipe. and spray best of the wall, The hole cutouts, fill with wood filler, sand easy and paint to revive the siding.

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