The best way to Mount a 6 Metal Post Concrete that is Above

It is very vital that you make sure the equilibrium of the post to stop it, when installing a metal post or pole. Rather, the underside of the post needs to be embedded in the floor to supply this additional firmness, it is possible to give you the additional firmness by attaching the post to bolts set in the concrete when it’s poured when the post stands above a foundation.

Excavate a hole in the floor where you are installing 1 foot in diameter and the post which is 2 feet deep.

Add a fiber tube that is waxed to the hole. Assess for level in it by setting a carpenter’s level. Fix the tube if desired, to level it. If it is poured, the tube can be used to hold the concrete.

Backfill the opening between the outside the nearby earth as well as the fiber tube. Ensure as you are doing this, the tube remains level.

Assess the height where you would like the concrete foundation to go over the floor. Mark that reduce the tube using a utility knife, and peak onto the outside the tube.

Pour of gravel to the underside of the tube. Tamp down the gravel.

If one isn’t contained together with the post develop a template for the positioning of the bolts. Set the unit together with a bit of card-board, and outline the holes. The device might be brackets that link the concrete foundation as well as the post, or it can be connected to the underside of the post itself. Holes in the template where the bolts are.

Blend a batch of concrete, after the directions supplied by producer.

Pour to the fiber tube till it’s totally full. Run on the face of the concrete having a trowel

Put the template in addition to the concrete. Add the bolts and to the concrete. Take away when the bolts are installed. Permit the concrete to treat for the time set by producer.

Install the mounting plate of the post on the concrete foundation, attaching it. Make use of a wrench or drill to fix the post.

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