The best way to Save Petunias After Over Fertilizing

Fertilizers that are commercial guarantee large, beautiful blooms and lush foliage development for the plants that are flowering. Many gardeners believe that providing fertilizer will make plants more healthy, but nonetheless, it generally has the reverse result. When you over-fertilize your petunias, the leaves turn brown or yellow, plus they tend to experience more from diseases and bugs. The petunias might die if extreme fertilizing proceeds. If petunias obtain therapy in the first indications of over-fertilization, it’s often feasible to conserve them.

Look for indications of over-fertilizing, like leaves or leaves that fall off the plant Salt Lake City. In case you use a high-nitrogen fertilizer, the petunias might put lots of leaves, but no flowers out. The petunias might appear wilted or weak.

Stop fertilizing the petunias instantly. Don’t resume fertilizing to wellness. It can use up to one month for the petunias to recuperate.

Water the petunias seriously to flush fertilizer in the soil. For petunias developed in a flowerbed, water before the first 2″ of the soil feels moist. For container- permit the water to drip several occasions.

In the event you splashed them with fluid fertilizer rinse the leaves of the petunia with water.

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