Tips for Renting a Portable Restroom for Your Wedding

Outdoor weddings have always been very popular. They are wonderful and colorful, and if the weather allows, you will have a truly beautiful event. A lot of people fancy outdoor weddings, and this is one of the reasons why you should seek professional Berkeley Plumbing Services Boston repair specialists service for your restrooms.

On average, outdoor wedding receptions take between 4 and 10 hours, and in some cases, even more. There is a lot of eating and drinking, which naturally means that people will need a restroom. There are different options that you can choose from, whether you want VIP restrooms or luxury restrooms, or even if you just want the average restroom services.

Below are some useful tips to guide you when planning for restrooms.

Schedule Your Rental in Advance

It is very expensive to buy restroom trailers. Therefore, very few companies stock them in large numbers. As a result, there is always a huge demand for these facilities during the holidays and weekends when a lot of outdoor events are taking place. It is cheaper for you to book one of these facilities ahead of time than waiting until the last minute. Some people book them months in advance. Due to changing schedules, there are companies that will even give you a full refund if you cancel the booking a month ahead of time.

Plan Out How Many Guests Will Come

You need to have a solid plan for your guests. How many people are you expecting to use these facilities? Do any of them have special needs that the company offering you Sacramento AC repair specialists Berkeley CA will need to factor in? You could get a separate restroom for the disabled. You can also organize for additional water supply for the restroom trailers, especially when you are hosting a lot of people.

Prepare a Budget

The cost usually depends on the type of restroom facility that you need. Assuming that you want a porta potty, it will cost you less than a restroom trailer. Restroom trailers are generally complicated, expensive to buy and maintain, and this is why the companies who lease them out offer very expensive rates. The cost of hiring one usually starts from around $800.

Make Sure You Have the Proper Hookups

Your leasing company will advise you on whether the trailers need hookups or not. Some come independent of hookups like AC, TV screens etc. However, these options are made available upon request. Given that they consume more energy, you will have to pay extra for the hookups. They can be solar-powered or you can have them run on a generator. It is always wise to consult the company and describe the kind of event you are having, and what you expect from their restroom rental services. This way, they can offer rental units that will meet your needs.

Make Sure You Have Space

Restroom trailers take up a huge space. They are as big as RVs. For this reason, the company will have to come and assess the location to advise you on how feasible it is to get the plumber Berkeley CA where you need them. The path to the restroom trailer must also be cleared because some of the units don’t have proper clearance in some terrains.