Why You Should Never Pressure Wash Your House

Almost everyone these days opts for Anchorage cleaning services when it comes to cleaning his or her home. However, the way in which it’s usually done is not actually good for your house. You might just be doing what everyone else does but everyone seems to be doing it the wrong way and you could end up causing huge and costly damage to your property in the end.

Water in the Walls

One of the worst things that pressure washing can do to your home is to damage the wall. Commercial pressure washers work by shooting water at extremely high pressure, starting at 1500 psi and could go up to 3300 psi, which is pretty destructive. This pressure has the ability to blast through asphalt, wood, and even concrete walls.

If the frame of your house is made from wood or if it has a wood siding, then there’s a good chance that pressure cleaning your house could soak the wall cavities, wiring, insulation, plaster, flooring, etc.

Missing Mortar

Some people believe that because their house is made from bricks, it’s safe to pressure wash it. But you better think again. The old brick and mortar is softer than the new materials today and they could get blasted away easily by pressure washers. In fact, there are some brick houses with mortar that have been completely blasted away during pressure washing.

Gouged Wood

When it comes to house cleaning Anchorage, some painters would get very near the surface in order to blast off the loose paint. This requires blasting off water directly to the wood at 3000 psi. As a result, the water makes holes to the wooden surface and furs up the wood grain, which damages the siding. Unless you want to carve your name on the side of your house using water, this is an important reason why you should avoid pressure washing your house.

Lead Paint

Lead paint is just there lurking beneath the surface of your house. This is one of those things that we don’t want in our house, yet removing the paint through pressure washing is not often the best solution. Doing so will cause the lead paint chips to be blasted all over your house. They could get mixed to the soil and your kids could potentially ingest the chemicals.

The Low-Pressure Option

Using a homeowner grade pressure washer would be a safer way to clean your house. This type of pressure washer makes use of a pressure that’s low enough to be relatively safe for cleaning your home.

Eventually, the safest option when it comes to cleaning and preparing the exterior of your old home is to use a regular garden hose and spray nozzle at the extension of the pole with a scrub brush that’s made of nylon. While this process might take longer than pressure washing, it actually does a better job in cleaning your house and preparing it for painting, not to mention the fact that it’s way safer than cleaning services Anchorage.