10 Popular Home Design Trends — Timely or Vintage?

It is tough to understand what’s likely to adhere and what’s likely to go down in history as another macrame plant holder. Interior design styles come and go and come again, to be certain.

In the ’50s, individuals torn out Victorian details and claw-foot tubs in favor of vinyl and plastic and components with the slick, modern aesthetic of this atomic age. In the ’70s and ’80s, Danish modern pieces along with other icons of the ’50s were eschewed as symbols of a stuffy, bygone age. They are sought-after treasures with price tags.

In the last ten years, we have seen a few new decorating styles emerge. Some may have staying power, and a few will return using macrame plant hangers. We may see them in 20 years and think, “That’s so 2012.” But which is which? I have my predictions. What are yours?

Erika Everett Design

Moroccan Poufs

I am a Massive fan of Moroccan poufs. They’re great additional seating. They’re footrests. Both of them are exotic and modern, and they are available in a rainbow of colors.

Gaile Guevara

They’re modern looking, but using just the right amount of prosper. Not too sleek, not too active.

Moroccan Design

And they proceed with any decoration: modern, conventional, boho, diverse. But are they here to remain? I am not sure.

Giulietti Schouten Architects

Woods Wallpaper

This beautiful and tranquil pattern hit its apex in about 2010, as it had been absolutely anywhere.

Hanson Fine Building

It is easy, classic and symmetrical. But that may have been exactly what whoever set up the wallpaper of cartoonish bathing ladies in my youth bathroom believed.

Think Contemporary

Midcentury Modern Wallpaper

I love wallpaper, and I love the big, picture patterns inspired by midcentury layouts. But they’ve already done their comeback circle, and I am betting that in a couple more years they’re likely to fall out of favor again.

In 1990 no one could have put this in their property. Nowadays everyone is. What about in 2025?

Same is true for midcentury textured wallpaper. Trend.

Daniel Sheehan Photography

Midcentury Starburst Mirrors

A starburst mirror is to my mom what a salmon and seafoam room is to me a style trend from my childhood that now seems horribly misguided. She cannot imagine why anyone would want this in a home.

Meredith Heron Design

But many, many people do want starburst mirrors in their homes. You see them in all kinds of different styles. Does that make them a timeless, or are they simply enjoying one last moment of favor?

Daniel Sheehan Photography

Midcentury Everything

All of the midcentury design icons have made a Massive resurgence in the past decade: Eames, Saarinen, Nelson, Bertoia. You can’t turn around without hitting your shin on a Tulip Chair.

Midcentury modern design has real beauty and a very recognizable aesthetic. It’s grounded in the philosophy of its time, which sought a slick simplicity and a integration with the outdoors.

Cablik Enterprises

The thoughts and designs of that time won’t ever fade away. But the tendency of producing a period-piece room will. We’ll always have Danish modern and Nelson lights, however I don’t think there will be a lot of rooms that look like Mad Men places in 20 years.

Lola Nova


Butterflies will be the insect of choice to everything from small girls’ rooms to sophisticated dining rooms. In the early aughts it had been birds; now it’s butterflies.

JAC Interiors

Nature goes out of fashion, and we have been stealing its layouts since we composed on cave walls. But will butterflies scream “2012” in five years?

Shannon Malone

Old Globes

All these are another staple of modern, eclectic design. Just attempt to score a cheap out-of-date globe at a garage sale. There’s not any such thing, such is the demand.

The Locker

Old globes have an innate loveliness. They’re bright and round and colorful. They signify exploration and mystery.


But will the older globe’s current ubiquitousness be its undoing? Ten years from now, will you have the ability to score one at a garage sale for next to nothing?

Benedict August

Fake Taxidermy

This is another big one in diverse modern design. It is funny and winking and ironic — very much a product of this time.

But animal heads fashioned out of cardboard, ceramic and plaster have a limited shelf life.

M.A.D. Megan Arquette Design

‘For Like Ever’ Posters

Already dated. They were simply too popular for their own good.

Lisa Fyfe

It is always possible that they’ll earn a nostalgic comeback in 20 years when most of the kids of now recall them from their childhoods. But they will never be a classic.

ras-a, inc..

Wall Decals

They are fantastic for people who can’t or don’t need to commit to wallpaper. And they’re surely a lot less costly than art. But does the wall sticker mural have a future?


I believe wall decals might be here to stay for short-life rooms such as nurseries, but their best days are behind them for mature spaces.

Inform us What layouts have staying power, and which are only fun for now? And should we care about tendencies in any way?

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