Summer Style: 20 Fresh Ways to Bring in the Season

If summer seems to be slipping by, and you haven’t yet made any changes around the house, now is the best time to do so. Whether you’re looking for projects to handle during a staycation, or expecting to hold on to the memories out of your beach getaway, there is guaranteed to be a snippet of inspiration which fits the bill. From summery centerpieces and interior styling suggestions to eye-catching ways to display holiday photographs, take your choice out of these 20 ideas for decking out of your house this summer.


1. Do something amazing with your best holiday photo of the year. Rather than letting those stunning shots languish in a drawer (or in your hard disk, more inclined), have a single supersized and framed or printed onto canvas.

Dufner Heighes Inc

2. Driftwood and succulents spell summer in California. Even if you don’t reside in the Golden State, you can evoke the laidback vibe of coastal Big Sur with this simple pairing. Try decoration made out of driftwood, or simply use bits salvaged from the shore. Sculptural succulents look best in sleek, bean baskets.

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3. Does one in the house surf? Bodyboard? Display it with pride! Rig up a exceptional wall display for the entryway that is equal parts practical (catch your equipment in your way from the door) and ornamental. Improve the effect by adding a cool, textured grass-cloth wallpaper background.

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4. Give your kitchen a fast upgrade with sea glass colors. Unfurling a rug is among the quickest methods to totally alter the look of a room. I love the beach-inspired colour palette on this Angela Adams rug, and it looks incredibly soft.

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5. Summerize your bar. Set up a relaxed, help-yourself drinks station on a console table, carried with all the makings for your favorite summer drinks. Anchor the arrangement using a large object (such as the gleaming silver decoration shown here) and accessorize with decor that hints of the ocean (hint: check your local nautical supply store for authentic, however economical finds).

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6. Set up a sunny centerpiece. A row of cheerful, potted sunflowers or zinnias will make everyone smile — plus, they continue far longer than a cut bouquet.


7. Change up your normal (heavy/giant) coffee table for something somewhat different. When you’ve got the space to store your huge coffee table for a few months, why don’t you try something a little different? Ceramic garden stools make good little perches and double as a place to set your drink. A table placed between two chairs may be the perfect spot to play cards or games. Lighter weight and smaller in scale, these options feel fresh and fun for summer.

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8. Add a hammock … indoors. Hang a hammock in the living area, basement or play area to deliver that summer mood inside, and appreciate it long after the last holiday day fades from memory.

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9. Create an easy summery “tablescape.” Fill clear glass vessels with sand (top with warm lights if you wish) and line them up down the middle of your dining room table. Fill in the gaps between the vessels with fairly shells and smooth rocks.

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10. Bring in organic textures and fibers. Sea bud, wicker and rattan furniture; coir and sisal rugs; and grass-cloth wallpaper are all terrific ways to attract natural colors and textural interest in your space.

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11. Use outdoor furniture indoors. Have some excess porch furniture lying about? Try pulling it indoors for a change and providing a few of your heavier, upholstered bits a break before the first hint of fall is in the air. Not only do they look airier, they can put up with a good deal more in relation to stains and spills.

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12. Re-cover your bulletin board with entertaining fabric. Give your house office or entryway a elevator with this fast and easy DIY project. A staple gun makes fast work of covering a basic cork board with fabric; add decorative nailhead trim if you’d like a bit of extra polish.

Rikshaw Design

Taj Boudoirs – $30

13. Swap out pillows in your bed for a fresh look on a budget. If you keep your sheets and coverlet impartial, it is simple (and economical) to alter the entire look just by altering the cushion covers. I’m partial to pleasure, vibrant designs in the summer, such as these monkey print boudoir pillows from Rikshaw Design.


14. Use your mason jars as beverage glasses. Calling to head display doors, cherry pies along with the county fair, mason jars create a fantastic summer stand-in for glasses — and you can grab a whole flat of these for a few bucks at most grocery stores, so stocking up for large parties is a cinch.

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15. Get kids involved in curating ranges of summer treasures. Small ones are known for bringing home all sorts of treasures, some beautiful (look, a seashell! ), some less so (look, a dried-up worm! ). Help them choose the best items to keep and work them in a seasonal display — add tags together with the date and set collected, and you will also have made a memento that will last for years to come.

The Lettered Cottage

16. Get creative with seashells. The gorgeous colors and varied shapes of seashells may add a welcome organic element to your decoration, but why don’t you think past the tray and apothecary jar for more innovative ways to display these treasures? Try stringing sea celebrities out of a length of rope and hanging it on the wall as seen here, or use modest cubes along with bits of sea glass and driftwood to make your own wind chime. Mix it up, have fun and you might surprise yourself with what you’ve created.

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17. String up photographs such as a clothesline for a simple, rotating display. Have a big blank wall in the hallway just begging for an artistic display? Try rigging up a few pops of twine or fishing filament between little nails, then use clothespins (mini or normal size) to clip up a choice of photographs from your summer. For a cohesive look, try choosing photos based on a colour theme: all white and black, for example, or blue skies and sea pictures.

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18. Perk up your skillet. Give a little extra attention to this distance, and you’re going to enjoy those leisurely summer mornings with extra helpings of coffee, fresh OJ and the newspaper much more. New chair cushions for comfort (try before you purchase — the quality of the stuffing can really make a difference) and a few new accessories are all you need to create a difference. Go ahead and be a small matchy-matchy — cups and walnut plates which coordinate with your cushions makes the little space feel cozy and pulled together.

Mediterranean Candleholders – $7.95

19. Light the way … indoors and out! Is an area on your house lost something, but you can not put your finger on what it is? Try adding a lantern or three — they may be tucked in almost everywhere, adding a romantic glow in the evenings, and look cool and sculptural even when unlit.

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20. Buck the all-white fashion and go dark for summer. If you already have a lot of white inside your house, look at painting a accent in black. Black shelving produces a striking background for green plants, white pottery and sun-bleached cubes, and will look equally appealing come fall when stuffed with books and baskets.

Tell us What is your favorite way to relish summer?

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