Wake Up Your Garden With Lime-Colored Plants

The garden in the same manner brightens up food is brightened by it. You understand how a splash of lime can completely change a ear of corn or a rice dish? It functions the same way outdoors — a tiny bit of lime colour goes a long way, invigorating every corner of a garden.

Whether you choose a creeper or a sleeper, lime hues can give a fresh look to abandoned corners. Utilize them in shady and sunny spots, near water, on hills or perhaps in your veggie garden — the options are endless.

Amy Renea

Are you cursed with rows upon rows of dark green evergreens? Make them pop with bright shots of lime. Dogwood does the trick .

Amy Renea

Stray from the normal varieties of plants and test their eye-catching lime family members. This bleeding heart comes with a brilliant lime foliage that divides up the shadiest of spots. In my opinion, it totally trumps its classic black green cousin.


Lime hostas are another great choice for colour, attracting pops of vibrancy into shadowy corners.


The canna lily is another great choice. Cannas classically come in dark green with red flowers, but there are a host of different options to pick from. Decide on a canna with lime foliage to contrast against the deep greens of evergreens or trees.

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You might think of crimson when you think of Japanese maples, however they come in lime also. Isn’t this one magnificent?

Linda Daley

Creeping Jenny is the best method to add a big expanse of lime to a garden. Beware, however: Creeping Jenny can go a little mad, so use it wisely and don’t allow it to take over the entire garden.

Creeping Jenny works well to balance taller, spiky plants, adding a lighter, brighter colour to the overall color scheme.

See more thoughts for working with Creeping Jenny

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Sweet potato vine is another creeper or draper which arrives at a bright lime color. Little pops of the blossom in potted structures can brighten up old-fashioned flowers and make them seem new .

Amy Renea

Lamb’s ear usually includes a grim undertone and functions well with magentas and purples. When I saw this plant, I did a double take. It appears like lamb’s ear and feels like lamb’s ear — is it possible as it comes at a stunning lime color?

Amy Renea

Paradoxically, Stachys Byzantina — a formal lime lamb’s ear!


Of course, you can just add an actual lime tree to your garden. The colour of this plant is a deep green, but you can’t beat the taste of fresh lime on grilled corn with a splash of butter. Bring the limes!

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