Let’s Dish! Can You Watch the Flipping Outside Premiere?

See the latest home-makeover reveal from Bravo TV’s hit design show, Flipping Out, and join in certain post-premiere dishing about Jeff and his lovely and humorous crew. If you are already hooked on it, the show follows Jeff Lewis, a talented L.A. home flipper-turned-designer who suffers from O.C.D. plus a brief fuse. His mad team places the fun in dysfunctional — that is, even when they aren’t being berated with their unorthodox boss who has no boundaries and tends to, well, flip out.

Have a Look at the latest renovation project from Jeff, Jenni and Zoila. Even if you’re not as obsessed as I am, it is always enjoyable to observe the dramatic area reveals after the human drama unfolds.

First of all, Jeff is no longer flipping houses, which makes the title of the show lose its original double meaning. However, from the previews it seems like he’ll continue to flip out. Now he will also have to take care of clients, which isn’t always his forte. This week we could see Jeff’s customer Marlo’s Studio City home proceed from mid-disaster to end. Let us get a closer look at exactly what one gets on a 30,000 Jeff Lewis budget in L.A.

This is his customer Marlo’s little den (seen finished in the photos above and below) until Jeff came together; totally ho-hum. This room intervention is a great example of how to liven up a room with minimal moves. Chocolate paint and one wallpaper accent wall completely transform the room.

I hunted and hunted for this modern geometric wallpaper, then realized it was one of Jeff’s designs, called Camden.

An eclectic mix of furnishings is tied together from the bold move of the accent wall.

The den opens to the family area. Meanwhile, before this happened, delays struck as Chris stalled, Sarah was not able to get rough, and Jeff kept it together without turning out.

Here we view how the small and romantic den opens to the spacious floor plan of the living, dining and kitchen spaces.

This Jeff refinished the floors, additional wallpaper into the entryway and painted. I am convinced he had a hand in the furniture arrangement as well.

Developing a new fireplace facade was also part of the scope of the project.

Its modern lines and broad border provide the fireplace the focus it warrants without overwhelming the room.

This film is a good chance to check out the recently refinished floors. The home is a good example of incorporating contemporary and traditional furniture and accents that maintain a warm, modern aesthetic.

High windows optimize the natural light.

Following is a closer look at the entryway. Dramatic geometric wallpaper along with a hefty console table provides the entryway a existence as its own space. This print is the reverse colorway of the wallpaper used in the den, which can help tie the spaces together and provides continuity throughout the home.

Cosmetic adjustments in the kitchen were also part of their project’s scope.

Here is the kitchen . It’s not terrible, it simply does not have a contemporary aesthetic.

By replacing the kitchen countertops and hardware, painting the cabinets, and including a new backsplash, the kitchen is transformed into a contemporary yet living room.

The new hardware works well with the stainless steel appliances.

A glass backsplash reflects the natural and undercabinet light. I never thought of brace styling using a metal mixing bowl but it looks great here. I am digging that toaster as well.

Despite the fact that you have counter and tile painters and installers in the home, why not liven up the laundry area? A fresh coat of paint on the cabinets, new hardware, new counter tops and a new tile backsplash may make a person really look forward to doing laundry.

I thought seeing this project to end was really intriguing; it showed what $30,000 could get you together with Jeff Lewis Design. The scope of the project did not seem like that which much work, but the difference the intervention made was rather dramatic.

All right, I went through the project, but what I really need to do is DISH WITH YOU! I like to pour a significant wine spritzer Ramona Singer design and take notes when I watch this show, so I thought I’d share them with you.

What did you Flipping Out fans believe? Who’s is your preferred personality? Has Jeff’s therapy has repaid? What did you think of Gage? How awkward was the cocktail party in San Francisco? Was Lisa from line or did you feel for her? Think Zoila is more fearful of Gage than she was of Roomba? Would you adore Jeff or despise him?

Let me know in the Comments section if you would like to keep talking about the show each week, or should another design shows you’d like to talk about!

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