Bean Bags: A Sudden Response for Chic Comfort

Searching for a cozy way to spice up a seating space? Look no farther than the playroom; it is highly possible your children are lounging on the solution. Turns out today’s bean bags aren’t only for the children; offered in many different shapes, sizes and styles, they can prove a great addition to a room in need of seating. In some specific instances, even the traditional style may be able to put in a dose of chic to a otherwise drab setting. Keep reading to collect a couple new ideas about how to accommodate bean bags across the house, and you’ll instantly be lounging in high style and complete comfort.

Ambient Lounge

Word to the wise: This is no more the generation of style-less bean bags. Exactly like shoes and purses, bean bags are popping up beneath designer tags, like this recliner style in Ambient Lounge. Not a bad way to kick back by the fire after a long day, if you ask me.

Mark English Architects, AIA

If I walked into this room, I understand precisely which chair I’d gun for. I love that this bean bag represents a typical chair and provides a back for support. Additionally, its softness adds a distinctive visual complement contrary to the tougher lines of its fellow coffee table and chair.

Ambient Lounge

Black velvet + bean bag + chaise-like style = the epitome of sophisticated relaxation. All this woman needs is a glass of wine and she’ll be implanted in the view all night.

Here is an example where a bean bag was used outside of the playroom. By adding a standing lamp, colorful throw pillows and baskets stacked with publications, the designer transformed this corner right into an inviting dining room. Choosing a corner with large windows affords great all-natural light for getting lost in a novel during the day.

Escale design

Plastic shore chairs everywhere are fearing their extinction at the coming of these outside bean bags. Warning: Do not forget your sunscreen when these are in your future. You will probably be here awhile.

Jensen Architects

Following is a unique way to bring a sculptural, colorful element for your living room. Without these bean bags, this neutral space could have felt . The addition of bean bags in various sizes adds a playful edge that works well against the structural elements of the couch, plus it offers more seats.

Elad Gonen

The designer could have easily left the room on the right empty, however the bean bag really helps balance the overall plot. Including a chic throw pillow into the bean bag instantly ups its style allure.

Ambient Lounge

More beautiful bean bag recliner seats from Ambient Lounge. I could see this getting my Sunday morning go-to spot.

Twenty7 design

These bean bags doubles as inanimate components, additional seating, and foot rests. The round shape is a wonderful complement to the light fixtures, and they work to pull in the blue theme from the walls, throw pillows and art.

Elad Gonen

You just can’t beat bean bags that this closely resemble seats. They’ll provide more support than other options, so they operate well in a more traditional seating arrangement.

The easy inclusion of bean bags in this space includes the orange and yellow color scheme across rooms, and adds a distinctive visual component. When color is attached across areas, it creates a cohesion that helps the overall house feel much more thematic.

Bean bags are light and easy to move, therefore any seating arrangement can be made for guests in this sunroom. Tenting a room is a superb way to make it feel super comfy — only imagine a candlelit day inside this room. Super chic!

Rachel Reider Interiors

If you want the bean bag seem but not necessarily the bean bag consistency, this”Pumpkin” chair from Ligne Roset is a superb alternative. It still provides that playful sense of a bean bag chair but in a sturdier structure.

Escale design

Hello, day by the mountains in supreme relaxation! This view is breathtaking however you choose to enjoy it, but you won’t hear me complaining when I can count shooting stars from one of these deluxe bean bags.

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