Mood Makers: Make Your House Feel Welcoming

When I ask my clients how they would like their homes to feel, they almost always say “welcoming.” Who wouldn’t? We all want family and friends to feel welcome and at home in our home from the minute they walk from your front door. From selecting an entryway design to picking comfortable furniture, making that feeling at any area is possible with a few of my top tricks.

Gast Architects

The front entrance of your house should usher welcome and in both family and guests. Great lighting, art or a mirror, a traditional grandfather clock and a succession of rugs help pull you in this entrance.

Kate Marker Interiors

In the previous days, the entrance acted as a reception area — a place to sit down and wait for the homeowner to greet you and invite you in their inner refuge. A bench with cushions or pillows is still a great welcome for front entrance.

Michael Abrams Limited

Soothing music piped through a house makes it feel occupied and welcoming. When audio is wafting througout, who wouldn’t wish to come on in and see what is going on?

Dreamy Whites

Aromatherapy, anyone? Activate the sense of odor with fragrant flowers or just-baked cookies to draw in your guests.

For People design

Upholstered ottomans are excellent additions to rooms that need softening up — your guests will feel welcome to prop up their feet and relax or use it as seating when speaking intimately with someone.

Crisp Architects

A hot fire in the hearth is one of the best methods to draw people in. A lovely fireplace would be the natural focus of any room, and lighting a fire inside it is going to encourage folks to pull up a chair and relax.

Summerour Architects

Who wants to hang out in an interrogation room? Your guests are not going to linger if your only lighting is an overhead fluorescent. Lighting from multiple resources makes a room feel warm and welcoming.

Wendi Young Design

A welcoming guest area consistently includes the distinctive touches that help your buddies settle in and feel at home. Good lighting, extra blankets and cushions and adequate side tables are crucial.

Emily Ruddo

A water carafe, a stack of books or magazines and bedside flowers make it much more special to your guests.

Your turn: how can you decorate to welcome your loved ones and friends?

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