11 Ways To Repurpose Shutters

Due to funding constraints and landfill guilt, I am on a repurposing streak lately. When I look around , my eyes are peeled for interesting objects used in various ways. The other day I stumbled across a headboard made from old shutters and thanks to our handy-dandy keyword search function, I managed to find a slew of ways that architects, interior designers and layout authors are repurposing shutters. Below are eleven you should not overlook.

Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

As outdoor decor. The colors in those dividers select up on the hues from the floor, walls and furniture, assisting to tie it all together.

merav zohar

As a frame, of sorts. A small shutter makes a lovely background for this simple clock. This idea may also be used for a group of prints or vintage postcards. Also, note how the colors of the shutter pick up the colors of the tiles.

To break up a wall. Battered shutters bring in age and ornament whilst breaking this up tangerine dining area wall. This is a particularly effective trick in a house could be lacking in architectural details.

As a headboard. A makeup of dividers becomes a tall shabby-chic headboard in this bedroom. I especially love this appearance for a pair of twin beds, with old-fashioned cabin decks with little cutouts like pine trees, crescent moons and other contours.

Hostetler Custom Cabinetry

As a cabinet door. A weathered shuttered door adds patina and texture to this bathroom. If you’re handy, you will locate the camera and built a cabinet .

Liz Williams Interiors

To add architectural details. Shutter doors add cozy charm and design to this beachfront condo’s dining cove. I envision shutting them when playing a good game of cards with family and friends. It may make a game of UNO seem more like a poker game in a saloon in the Wild West. Or not.

To punctuate a plain exterior wall. White shutters against this blue exterior pain, accompanied by French-style chairs gives this patio Caribbean flavor.

Jean Allsopp Photography

As a room divider (indoors or out). An assemblage of exterior shutters becomes functional decor in this Lowcountry coastal color palette.

To hang decorations and notes. Blogger Tracey of French Larkspur used a pair of shutter frames as a spot for hanging particular notes and vintage ephemera.

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Dreamy Whites

To make a background. Blogger Maria of Dreamy Whites enjoys to move dividers around as backdrops and props when styling photographs. I enjoy how she’s used this one as a place to hang the calendar. Here is a peek at different items around precisely the exact same shutter.

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To substitute artwork. The paint job on those shutters has an eye-catching look. They are a textured 3-dimensional substitute for a print over the sofa.

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