Guest Groups: Inspiration for a Northern Beachside Cabin

Now that the weather is beginning to yield to fall and things turn grey and temperamental from the Pacific Northwest, I enjoy being by the sea. Instead of summer sunshine, iced tea and a trashy book, think dark, windswept beaches, Earl Grey and savoring one of the great works of literature. Or candlelight and cocktails with the roar of a stormy sea playing in the background — whatever suits your fancy! Just be prepared to cuddle up and down down. — Bradford out of The Bedlam of Beefy


Tatebanko Paper Diorama Kits – $12

This build-it-yourself diorama kit is both a perfect oceanic accent and action in one. I’d like a few lined up to capitalize on the rolling pattern of these undulating waves.


Large Viking Boat Tin by Each Eskimo – $48

If you’re likely to have a romantic beach-side cottage you haveta have a few nods to the nautical nature of everything. A bark cage with viking boat illustrations on either side may be the perfect little stash for cubes, pens and paper for whenever the moment strikes, games to your day fire or maybe even just a little pipe of tobacco… y’understand… just to up the ante on the disposition of everything!

Rustica Hardware

Octopus Pull – $39

A couple of those octopus pulls would make a fun touch to the aquatic inspiration of a beach cottage. But remember: just a few. You are wanting an accent, not an overwrought amusement park.

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon Base Wall Light

Admittedly, brass could be something of a tough sell for me. Been there, done that. However, this little beauty from Tom Dixon might have me singing a new song. I love the clean profile of this sconce matched with all the inevitable warm glow of the brass shades. Perfect for setting the mood on a blustery night.

Jayson Home

Leo Sofa – $1,995

You are going to need some place to cozy up with some tea and a good book. This tufted beauty brings the sense of an “old boys club” leather version minus the trendy shock that leather might bring throughout the less-than-warm seasons. Plus, the rolling sweep of these arms brings just a little drama. And you’ll need this to go with all the crackling flame and champagne. See where we are going here, kids? You with me?

Jayson Home

Chelsea Coffee Table – $995

Made of reclaimed elm to maintain things warm and rustic, however, the minimalist steel foundation gives a contemporary border without being overly weighty. A perfect accompaniment to a number of the more “flourish-y” bits your Uncle is definitely going on in this beach cabin theme.

Furbish Studio

Urchin Objet – $20

Include a nod into the sea urchin and a perfect little maritime touch.

Old Faithful Shop

Balsam Fir Incense – $8.95

Hey, Mother Nature would probably be taking good care of the salty sea air odor but would not a little eau de balsam fir take things up yet another notch? Methinks so, kids.

Best Made Company

Wooden Nautical Flags Box, Set of 26 – $1,900

Yeah, sure, I acknowledge $1900 on a box of hand-painted nautical flags ai not exactly a drop in the bucket. But look at it this way: You’ve got 26 bits of seaworthy art to have your folly with round the area! Put out a few in a small grouping and keep things fresh by rotating the inventory. Or, being based on the International Code of Signals and each flag representing a letter from the alphabet, describe a coded message to maintain those land lubbers in their feet!


Knitted Vase, Large – EUR 35

Up the comfy factor with ideas of being wrapped in your favorite sweater. Alright, maybe you’re not, however your crops, pencils, etc. may be. I believe you or three of them (always go with strange groupings(children) with simple twig arrangements could look just lovely.


Mason Jar Hurricane Lantern by Alyssa Ettinger – $65

Imagine you’re coming in from the damp and chilly and watch the candlelit glow from the window from a grouping of those toss hurricane lanterns. Does not it make you hot with anticipation? Uh huh… you know that it does, kids.

Greenhouse Design Studio

Vintage Icebox – $999

This vintage ice box would make the ideal spot to stash all your fishing tackle and beach-combing gear… if by “fishing tackle and beach-combing gear” you mean the pub! Who does not want a beautiful little rustic libation following an exhaustive seashell gathering session?

(This infant is vintage and one-of-a-kind, kids. Therefore, in case you’ve got a hankerin’ for this… get on it!)

John Lewis

LSA Bar Collection Champagne Saucers, Box of 4 – GBP 36

Look kids, even if I have to haul driftwood back in the beach to maintain this cottage cozy I’m still gonna need to keep it classy somewhere along the line. When there’s the sound of a crackling fire and a roaring surf then what else might be a better accompaniment than the noise of celebratory bubbles? And also a coupe-style champagne glass is my absolute favourite! The strange modern addition of the long stems only adds to the elegance. And there ai not nothin’ wrong with this!


Yarn & Needle Plate Set – $40

Eh… sure it states “Yarn & Needle,” but the illustrations on these plates make me think of rope for ships and anchors or some writhing sea creature. So in that circumstance, perfect choice! Thanks! I thought so.


APRON in Organic Cotton/Hemp Denim by Small Batch Production – $68

Whether working on a beachfront landscape painting or cookin’ a clambake, you’re likely to need something to keep yourself clean. This hemp denim blouse should do the trick.

Jayson Home

Benedict Cabinet – $595

It’s not exactly Davy Jones’ Locker, and that is a good thing! A fantastic alternative for bedside tables.


Pendleton Vintage Brownie Holiday hitter – $125

Alright, if you’re tucked away in a little beachside retreat you might just opt out on wanting to utilize the alert. However, you’ll at least want to keep at the top of tea time, do not you believe? At least this places a charming twist on the passing of time.

Seabold Vintage Market

Cream Cross Pillow on Navy Linen – $75

Nothing speaks of the sea over the colour blue, and navy are my first choice when imagining a seaside retreat on one of the northern beaches. The cross applique gives great graphic appeal and interest while still keeping the appearance clean.


Eco-Wise Plaid Easy-Care Blanket – $108

Let us face it, it is difficult to think of any sort of cabin not having a good wool blanket round, and Pendleton is certainly the classic in that section. The red and blue plot gives a little more of a colorful punch without disturbing that comfy feel.

Old Faithful Shop

Steele Canvas Laundry Cart – $185

Alright, so I’m kind of bursting the bubble on a darkened, ocean-side escape by bringing the laundry up. But hey, all those long walks along the shore contemplating your next good work are gonna get you some kind o’ dirty sometimes, right? So make the most of it with a stylish but vintage-styled hamper. I can assure you, heaps of your salt-and-sea soiled skivvies lying around ai not gonna bump up the romance, that is for sure!

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