How to Store Your Stuff in Plain Sight

It is the time of the year when we go through the biannual sort, contribute, purge and maintain regular. Home and organization is not for the faint at heart. It’s especially difficult when we understand the final line is near, but are still confronted with the problem of storing the stuff we chose to keep.

Are you meticulously searching, like a detective, for unused nooks and crannies to stash your stuff? Consider leaving more things out in the open. Yes, where everybody can see. It is all in the arrangement. Take notes from such ers that make it work.

Jennifer Grey Color Specialist & Interiors Design

Your grandma’s heirlooms should not be destined for a dusty box just because you do not own a china cupboard. Place them. Arrange the pieces by color so they look as a collection, even if they are not.

Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C.

Repairing food packaging with containers enables your snacks to eventually become part of your decoration when you don’t have a cabinet. Toss empty bags and boxes to the orderly recycling bins tucked underneath.

Amoroso Design

An range of spices disguised in cute tins would make the very kitchen-shy newcomer a little curious. A tiny countertop herb garden may only increase the charm of the minimalist space.


With the help of closely woven baskets and classic tin containers, the laundry area becomes deceptively inviting. You may even stick around to fold a load prior to bed on the ample counter space. Any excuse to use the dining table lamp will do.

Atypical Type A

Home offices are some of my very favorite spaces to explore with colorful storage. Not only can they assist with the mundane chore of sorting bills, they also perform double duty as invigorating colour boosters into some neutral palette.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

If wall space is at a premium, install glass shelving facing a window. As long as you include the area to glassware, there’s little disruption of your sightline into the outdoors.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Emphasize the walls as high as possible in a bid to conserve precious floor space. This convenient built-in hub houses major appliances, offers space for decorative display, and also camouflages the radiator.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Cleverly built to this nook with an opinion is a location for catnaps, clothing, and cuddling with a fantastic book. With all these uses nestled into one space, there’s more space for significant things, like drama.

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