How to Check Whether a Lien Is on a House

Liens on real estate are public record. Creditors and tax authorities put liens on land as part of their debt-collection process. You are able to find any property in a county’s title history through the county recorder&#039. Some county recorders supply the info online, while some require an office visit to get their lien novels. All outstanding liens have to be paid prior to a house can be sold, transferred or mortgaged, so it’s a good idea to check the name for exemptions if you are thinking about a financial or transfer trade.

Contact the county recorder’s office in the county in to find out the procedure for searching its documents; search prerequisites, fees and Internet availability differ from county to county.

Enter the owner’s name and annually to be searched in the box on the search computer of the recorder, if you are searching in Los Angeles County. Click on”Publish” or”Enter” to get the lien. Online searches using similar info are allowed by other counties. You may also send a written petition containing the name of the document (lien), the titles recorded on the record and the years you want searched, along with a check to pay any penalties due. Contact the office before mailing your request, to get fee amounts.

If you are searching on the system of the recorder, Publish a copy of the lien. If you are in a workplace that isn’t 17, print a copy from the book. Copy prices will differ from office to office.

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