How to Lay Tile onto a Picnic Table

Covering an old picnic table with tile does not call for an expert. The job can range from easy — purchasing prefabricated tile and just covering the table together to the more complex way of creating a mosaic in a specific design. In any event, the final result should provide a gorgeous tabletop which can be enjoyed for years to come.

Assess the length and width of the table to obtain the square footage. This is going to assist you in purchasing the correct number of tiles to the top of the picnic table. Remove any loose paint in the top of the table with a paint scraper to create a smooth coating. The tabletop can be sanded if needed.

Lay the tiles out on the dining table and play with the design you want to create. If you are making a mosaic with many smaller bits, lay a piece of paper on the table first to to draw the desirable design with a pencil; lay the tile bits out in the shape of the design.

Cut tile with all the tile nibbler to make rounded corners or desirable shapes, if needed.

Put a sheet of mosaic tape across the tiles to preserve the contour, if using small tiles or the final design is going to be a mosaic of smaller bits. Press down to the tape gently to adhere to the surface of the tiles. When you pick this up, the entire pattern is going to be held collectively by the tape. Put these from the way until you want them.

Follow the instructions on the thinset mortar and mix a small batch from the plastic container. Spread this on a section of the tableuse the notched trowel to push down and away from you on the table.

Place the tiles which are designated for that section of the table at the thinset. Large tiles will be placed individually into the thinset and placed; those at the mosaic tape can be set on the table all at once. Make sure all tiles are in the proper place before pushing down gently into the thinset to ensure the tiles adhere. Repeat until all of the tiles are firmly placed in thinset at the desirable place on the table. Allow the tabletop to dry overnight.

Mix grout, after the manufacturer’s instructions, and apply between the tiles. Remove any mosaic tape , if it had been used; tug lightly to avoid removing the tiles in the thinset. The grout fills in any gaps to safeguard both the tile edges and the timber table beneath. Scrub of any excess grout from the tiles with a damp cloth and let it dry, or cure, for several times in a dry place, such as a garage or shed.

Apply grout sealer to the grout between the tiles. Allow to dry the recommended amount of time before setting the dining table outside to enjoy.

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