How to Manually Light a Fuel Oven

Ovens in houses that are older usually use a a pilot light was called by a little flame within their base. Some pilots burn up continuously in a low-level; you feed fuel to the flame, which lights the oven burner when you change on these ovens. While the oven is on pilot lights burn up. You want to use the oven, in the event that you have this type of equipment, light the pilot whenever. When you transfer to your new house, ask the operator in the event the flame is out, whether to light the pilot only or each time as a method.

Check the temperature dial on the oven and make certain it’s in the “Off” position. While you light the flame in the event the oven’s pilot light has blown-out for some purpose and was created to burn up continuously, you are going to leave the dial in this place.

In case you’ve it, to to find the pilot light the operator guide. Should you not have the the dog owner guide, open the oven door and try the bottom of the oven for a little hole marked “Pilot Light” or something comparable. It could be in one of the corners or in the front and middle of the oven.

In the event that you if you fail to locate the pilot hole in the primary compartment of the oven, open the broiler do or. Look for the pilot hole in the root of the broiler. Eliminate the broiler carriage in the event that you if you cannot discover it there both and seem for a hole at the back of of the broiler compartment that is empty.

Light a match that is extended. Hold the flame near the the opening of the pilot hole. It will light in the event the pilot was created to burn up continuously. Flip the temperature dial on slowly in the event the oven was created to be by hand lit for every single use. The gasoline should ignite.

Remove the match as well as your hand instantly. In the event that you eliminated it, replace the broiler carriage. Close the door as well as the broiler compartment.

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