The best way to Light a Pellet Stove

Lighting your wood pellet stove in the beginning of the cool period is not significantly different than lighting your charcoal grill. For those who have a self- stove, merely start the the system, plus it’ll pour pellets and light them. Manual models require a little more treatment, but it might not need to be lit for the remaining season, once you’ve the pellets burning properly.

Fill the hopper with wood pellets of the stove. Turn on the stove auger and enable a tiny number of pellets to belong to the pot. You only require a few handfuls of pellets. Turn the auger back away from falling while you are attempting to begin the fireplace, to avoid extra pellets.

Open the pot door and include accelerant. Use accelerant accepted for use with wood pellet stoves, which can be in solid type or gel. Many wood stove designs suggest that you just do not use a liquid accelerant.

Hold a Longreach butane lighter, like these used to fuel fireplaces or grills, near the pellets and light it. Till they ignite, hold it. For best results, maintain it against places where the accelerant was used by you. Close the pot door.

Wait for most of the pellets to be completely ignited; when burning, they turn red around the edges. It might take several minutes for every one of the pellets to catch burning.

Turn on the blower motor and auger of the stove. Mo-Re pellets are dumped by the auger to the stove as essential to preserve an appropriate temperature in your house from your hopper, along with the blower motor forces the hotair through vents in your house. Without being smothered by them until pellets drop to create sure watch the fireplace the fire spreads effortlessly. In case the hearth fades, wait to great and clear them from the stove. Turn the blower motor off, then repeat the lights method.

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