How To Properly Plan Your Porta Potty Rental

All of us have one thing in common: we need a restroom to answer nature’s calls once in a while. In public, restrooms are most likely porta potties from Birmingham housing repairs. Regardless of the industry that you are in, it’s important that you carefully think about the people who will be in the vicinity of your site. Construction workers often pull long shifts, making portable toilets essential. For event attendees, BBQs, festivals, fairs, and concerts last for at least 6 hours. Weddings and receptions held outdoors have guests by the hundreds, and they’ll definitely look for a proper loo.

If you are the site supervisor or operations manager of a preceding function, then read on as we have prepared some tips on how you can properly plan a porta potty rental from a reputable handyman Birmingham.

Consider the crowd that will be at your event or the number of workers in your site

The number of guests expected to attend your special occasion will help in determining the number of units that you will need. handyman Birmingham AL providers advise their customers in planning a single portable unit for every 50 guests if the event will last less than 4 hours. Beyond that time limit and headcount, another one or two units will be necessary. If alcohol will be consumed during the party, then consider getting more toilets as alcohol is a diuretic.

Consider the kinds of porta potties that you will rent

Portable toilets come in 2 basic kinds, namely trailer units or executive porta potties and freestanding units. Trailer units are excellent for formal events e.g. fundraisers and weddings. Early spring construction sites and less formal functions can also make use of such as they are climate-controlled. As for outdoor picnics and concerts, freestanding units would suffice. There are also ADA-accessible units that you can rent.

Rent from a local service provider

Choosing a rental service provider that has its headquarters in your area will help in making sure that the delivery of porta potty units is efficient and timely. The service provider also understands the nuances of the local weather better, which means its representatives can suggest whether air conditioning or Boston AC repair specialists for your units is needed. This is something that you may not think about when you make plans or schedule a rental 6 months before the event.

Decide on the additions that you’ll need

A handyman in Birmingham company will allow you to rent handwashing stations which will disperse soap and fresh water. There are even service providers that rent out waste holding tanks and water holding tanks, which is great to take advantage of when you are renting units for 3 days or more.

Ask advice on proper placement

Rental companies can help you get the best experience when using porta potties. They will suggest the proper placement of units which should be on a hard surface, so service trucks will have access to them without any difficulty. Also, account managers will give you the guarantee that your scheduled rental will run smoothly.