How to Sweep Your Chimney Without Getting on the Roof

Because chimneys are durable and long-lasting, most people often neglect to clean them or they put it off until it’s too late. However, regular chimney maintenance is very important if you want to avoid creosote buildup, as this dangerous substance can compromise your chimney’s performance and even cause house fires.

For most people, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about house repairs is; I’ll have to grab the ladder. However, that’s not always necessary, and in most cases, it can even be dangerous, especially if your chimney is located near the edge of a pitched roof.

But as you’ll see, there are less dangerous methods that you can use to clean your chimney, and they don’t involve climbing onto your roof.

How to Clean Your Chimney

For starters, you can sweep your chimney from the bottom with a tool known as a rotary handyman services system. One such example of this tool is the Sooteater. This tool has a very distinct shape that allows you to efficiently remove dust and debris from beneath your chimney. It has a chimney whip that works to get rid of soot and creosote build-up.

The whip itself contains little plastic lines, which are attached to flexible rods which remove the dirt from the base of the chimney. The Sooteater is connected to the rods and enables them to rotate in two different directions for a really thorough clean.

The best part is that you can interchange the rods for longer ones if you’ve got a taller chimney, and for the best results, it’s recommended to gently and slowly work the Sooteater so that it doesn’t damage the interior of your chimney or burn up your drill. You’ll also do well to wear a dust mask while handyman to avoid inhaling the harmful dust particles and soot coming out of the chimney. Make sure to cover the exterior of the fireplace and the surrounding area with plastic sheets so that you don’t end up with dirt and soot covering your surfaces.


Fireplaces bring so much comfort and joy to the home that most people consider them to be an essential part of their homes, especially during those dark and cold winter months. However, the privilege of owning a fireplace comes with the responsibility of handyman contractors. Yep! Regular maintenance of your chimney is a vital aspect of owning a fireplace and you’ll do well to sweep your chimney at least once a year, preferably before the fall season starts, as it might get too busy to do so afterward.

Also, it’s best to clean your chimney while it still has regular dust and soot, because when you put cleaning off for too long, you’ll end up with creosote, which is much more difficult to clean and dangerous! So, use our tips to clean your chimney regularly. Plus you can’t use your fear of heights as an excuse anymore because we’ve just shared how you can do it without having to climb on top of your roof.