Spring Mode: Fresh-Cut Flowers for Every Room

The weather may be unpredictable, but we can surely cheer up our homes with a little bit of sunshine in the form of fresh-cut flowers. Let us celebrate the arrival of spring with these inspiring ideas for displaying flowers in each room of the home.

These days, many flowers are available year round, but since out-of-season flowers must be grown in a hothouse or sent from afar, the purchase price can be quite steep. For the freshest blooms on a budget, try these spring picks:

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A big bucket of red and pink tulips plunked on the table is gorgeous and could not be easier. Casual, yet exudes cheer and prosperity.

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A small posy on the breakfast table is all you will need for every day. Short on vases? Try a jar, a sugar cane or a cream pitcher. Pick up the colour of colors in the area with cut flowers and they eventually become another element of this d├ęcor.

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To make a tablescape that seems refreshing and interesting, try setting a pitcher of flowers alongside greenery and fruit. You can’t go wrong with white flowers, green apples, white enamelware and galvanized metal.

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A few blossoms could steal the show when surrounded with a supporting cast of glassware and linens in the same colorway. Try lilacs with classic bottles in colors of pale amethyst, also organic linen and pale pink runners.

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Alliums are a decorator favorite because of their dramatic height and large puffballlike purple blossoms. Try them on the kitchen counter or dining table in a glass cylinder for a contemporary appearance.

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Liven up a shelf screen with the sudden addition of new flowers. Try this on open shelving in the kitchen tucked one of the heaps on bookshelves in the den.

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Bring a little bit of cheer to your morning routine with a small vase of spring branches. They can be quite expensive in the florist, but you can be able to discover a flowering tree around your own house — or by a neighbor that does not mind sharing.

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Next time you come home from the market, take a glimpse inside that produce bag prior to stowing it all in the fridge. Some fruits and vegetables are strikingly beautiful on screen alongside cut flowers. Just make certain to pick hardy fruits and veggies, and plan to eat them within a week.

Match the tone of your floral arrangements to the tone of your area. Sleek and modern? Try out a simple green bouquet in a sculptural glass vase. A home filled with antiques and layers of textiles could be paired with a lush armful of flowers brought in by a cottage garden.

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The bathroom is the best place to exhibit a small posy, and if you do not typically bring flowers into the bathroom you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes. Try tucking a bud vase on the windowsill or sink and you’ll be cheered up each time you visit it.

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Can not locate a bud vase? Get creative and use a perfume bottle, an egg cup, a water glass or even an old tin can with a decorative label. If you enjoy fragrant blooms, attempt hyacinth, lilac, or lily of the valley; have delicious fragrances that can enhance a relaxing bath.

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From the living area, match the style of flower arrangement to the mood you are trying to create. Flowers and foliage snipped from your own garden look casual and somewhat wild, particularly when dropped into an easy white pitcher.

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Tired of the same old arrangements? Try cutting the stalks supershort and setting the blossoms in a small, round boat for a chic, contemporary look. Chrysanthemums, which can be autumn bloomers, are envisioned here, but you can make the appearance with any of your favorite flowers.

When in doubt, you really can’t go wrong with roses. They are romantic, they smell delicious, and they are entirely classic. Mix up the colors for a more relaxed look or move for all 1 shade in an official setting.

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If I were going to put fresh flowers in just 1 area, it would be the bedroom, then hands down. No, most of your guests will not see it, but it will make you feel special whenever you climb in to bed. Next time you pick up a fragrance in the market, snag a couple stalks to create an arrangement for your bedroom.

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While you’re at it, why don’t you pretty up your dressing area with a bouquet? Place a small vase of roses on a decorative tray to get an old-Hollywood-film-star vibe.


Think outside the walls of your home and position blooming plants where you can appreciate them daily. Try a blend of hanging baskets and planters put on tables and on the floor to make the most of the space. No porch? Put in a window box and you’ll be able to enjoy the view of flowers from indoors too.

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It’s Cold. We are Cranky. Buy Some Flowers!

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