Modern Chairs Get Soft With Sheepskin

Modern chairs often make strong, architectural statements in a room. But they’re not comfortable to sit. 1 smart solution would be to soften them using a sheepskin throw, that will look at home in any contemporary or modern interior.

The softness of this sheep fleece not just makes bean seats more comfortable, in addition, it softens the look as well. With the addition of a sheepskin, abruptly a hard-lined Bertoia chair feels a bit more natural and natural.

When draping a modern chair using a sheepskin, the look is casual but believed. Follow the lead of those examples to find the look on your own home.

Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

An Eames rocker is certainly pleasing to the eye, however it is not the softest choice for a nursery. Within this baby’s room a sheepskin throw gives the chair softness, which makes it a comfy place to sit with infant.

Emily McCall

Harry Bertoia’s classic cable chairs are cherished by midcentury modern enthusiasts, but practical-minded people will appear at their wire frames and wonder about their comfort. Add a supple sheepskin and everyone is happy.

The Brick House

The modern living room of Morgan Satterfield, blogger at The Brick House, is a study in restraint. The sheepskin throws add softness and interest to both butterfly chairs and include a vaguely Western vibe to the space.

Regan Baker Design Inc..

The team in Regan Baker Design understands that its significant for workspaces to become comfy. Here a white, fluffy pelt is draped over an office chair.

While we wouldn’t recommend leaving your sheepskins out all of the time, they are a smart way to add warmth to outdoor seating — especially when you’re pushing the envelope on early-spring dining al fresco.


A modern icon, the F510 chair by Geoffrey Harcourt, gets heated up with the addition of a sheepskin throw.

Emily McCall

From the guest bedroom of photographer Emily McCall, a sheepskin graces the seat of a Bertoia side chair. A gentle, woolly throw is always welcome at the bedroom.

Hufft Projects

B&B Italia’s Mart Armchair is just one of these chairs which could use a little texture. Sheepskin adds just the right softness for this corner.

Tucked into a transitional area, this built-in dining area is too little to get a large, comfy desk chair. Rather, a slim side chair is paired with a wooly throw to get a comfy compromise.

Kelly Donovan

Huset Gotland Sheepskin – $350

This luxurious gray sheepskin appears stately when exhibited on an iconic Wishbone chair by Hans Wegner.

Design Within Reach

Sheepskin Throw | Design Within Reach – $105

Design Within Reach places its normal sheepskin throw on a smooth-lined black chair to get a dramatic contrast of colours and textures.


Rens Sheepskin, White – $29.99

Love the look but you’re on a tight budget? The most affordable sheepskin of is Ikea’s Rens, starting at just under $30.

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