The best way to Secure Dishwashers to Cupboards in the Place Of Granite Countertops

Although ceramic- masonry screws can usually penetrate granite, you run the chance of cracking the stone in the event that you drive screws close to the edge. Aspect anchors created to put on the inside of the cupboards rather than to the underside of the counter-tops are offered by dishwasher suppliers. These steel anchors connect just in the fringe of of the dishwasher door, keeping it from tipping when you grab the drawers and open the door.

Install the aspect anchor on the top edge of the tub body of the dishwasher. Two pilot holes should be pre-drilled previously. If not, drill them utilizing a 1/8 inch bit. The screws are quick, therefore drill the hole 1/2 inch shorter or deep. Drive two pan head screws throughout the side anchor to the tub body to support the the anchor in place — the screws needs to be included together with the bundle that is anchor. The very top of the anchor should lengthen even and up using the back of the dishwasher door. Repeat together with the anchor.

Slide the dishwasher. Open the dishwasher door. Place an even across the leading edge of the dishwasher and change the feet of the equipment before the dishwasher is level to increase or reduce each aspect. It ought to be as near the counter-top as feasible.

Drill a 1/8 inch pilot hole about 1/2 inch deep through the hole that is top of the anchor to the wood of your cupboards. Drive a wood screw and to the cabinet. Repeat on the other side together with the anchor.

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