The way to Install Two Wax Rings at a Toilet

A leak in a toilet may be brought on by things like a split in the ceramic, a bad seal between the cylinder or a broken inlet nipple. If the toilet is leaking from beneath the foundation, the problem might be with the seal between the waste horn and the floor, which is sealed by means of a wax ring. In certain installations where the toilet flange is raised from the floor or the bathroom’s waste horn design is unusually high, installing two wax rings might provide a tighter seal, preventing leaks from beneath the toilet.

Turn off the water supply valve behind the toilet. Flush the toilet to eliminate as much water as you can. Lift the lid in the back of the cylinder and remove any remaining water in the tank and toilet, using a sponge.

Loosen the coupler connecting the supply line to the nipple on the bottom of the toilet tank, using slip-joint pliers. Disconnect the source line.

Pop the bolt caps from the bolts on the base of the toilet, using a screwdriver. Set the caps aside. Loosen the nuts on the mounting bolts, utilizing an adjustable wrench. Remove the washers. Boost the toilet bowl from the floor and place it on its side.

Scrape away the old wax ring in the flange and the bottom of the waste horn on the base of the toilet, using a putty knife. Pull out the old closet bolts out of the floor flange. Insert a new pair of closet bolts into the flange.

Position a wax ring above the floor flange. Align a second ring above the initial and press gently to begin to mould the two wax rings together so they don’t come apart when setting the toilet in place.

Center the toilet base waste horn over the wax rings and align the closet bolts with the mounting holes in the toilet base. Press down on the toilet, rocking the foundation slightly to seat the bowl from the rings.

Lift the toilet seat and then position a level above the bowl. Slip a toilet shim under any low borders of the foundation of the toilet until the toilet is level in every direction. Place a washer over every closet bolt and tighten the nuts to the closet bolts with an adjustable wrench to secure the toilet. Replace the bolt caps.

Apply a bead of silicone caulk around the base of the toilet to seal the foundation to the floor.

Combine the supply line coupler to the feed nipple around the bottom of the tank, utilizing the slip-joint pliers. Turn the water supply valve and then analyze the toilet, watching for leaks around the foundation.

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