The way to Maintain Chipmunks From Your Own Potted Plants

Chipmunks, although often considered pests, are important facets to this natural ecosystem surrounding your lawn. They’re a main meal for many larger animals and they help propagate certain plants and fungi. That being said, they can quickly destroy all the hard work you have put into your container and landscape plants. Exclusion is the best, most effective method for coping with them, although it’s not always a straightforward task. For container plants, a physical deterrent can help control their digging instincts.

Place hardware mesh — a woven mesh located at hardware stores — about the plants in your container. Permit enough room so that the stems may develop without being damaged by the sharp edges of the net.

Cover the top of the hardware mesh with a fine layer of potting soil or mulch — whichever you prefer.

Sprinkle or spray squirrel repellents on or across the container crops. The method of application varies greatly by product; always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. You can find these products at nurseries, big-box stores and garden centres.

Eliminate anything that may be pulling the chipmunks to the region, besides of course, your crops. Spilled birdseed is an important attractant for chipmunks and other small pests.

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