Schoolhouse Style Rocks from the Kitchen

Recall sitting in class way back when, staring at the clock in anticipation of the school day’s becoming over? Bet you were not looking around the classroom for layout ideas then.

It’s enjoyable to wax nostalgic for those studious days. Take some inspiration in the classroom to the kitchen beneath — we promise that there won’t be a test at the end.

Normandy Remodeling

That clock you invested so much time obsessing within school can now keep life on track from the kitchen. But it’s a pretty good bet you won’t be staring at it with the exact same compulsion as you did in mathematics or English.

This clock was discovered from the homeowner after Normandy Remodeling completed the kitchen remodel.

Barn Light Electric Company

1950’s ‘Electric’ Schoolhouse Clock – $105

New clocks using a classic feel can be found in a variety of different colours and styles.

Marka Interior Factory

The one difference between the kitchen along with a school’s chemistry lab is that there is no routine riding on the success or failure of your experiments.

This kitchen, by Marka Interior Factory, takes the analogy seriously; traditional bar stools were substituted for laboratory-style seating at the island, which can be lit with positional task lights.

Joanne Palmisano

Small kitchens are always in need of more storage. Designer and storage expert Joanne Palmisano handled this issue with an old set of lockers found at a warehouse sale.

Bonus: You are able to lock up the good chocolate.


These repurposed grammar school seats include unexpected color, and possibly make a longing to pull out the finger paints and have lost in a day of crafts and arts.

Looking to re-create the effect? New or classic chairs can signify whatever age you’re nostalgic for.


Globes and maps are not just helpful in discovering your place in the world; they include artistry into a space. Here Fivedot Design Build additional a classic globe to an open cabinet.

To further convey the classroom texture, the designers used recycled classroom chalkboards as countertops.

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Barn Light Electric Company

Back to School Schoolhouse Lights

Old schoolhouse lights are in vogue nowadays for the kitchen for many good reasons. They look great as a result of their classic shape, which goes with an range of fashions, and they kick out great light for prepping food.

McCall Design llc

This kitchen, from McCall Design, embraces its retro vibe using schoolhouse lights that highlight butter-colored cabinets.

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